Bronze rental (DIN, EN)

In addition the composition of copper bronze may include a tin, silicon, aluminum, beryllium, phosphorus, and other elements. Depending on the composition of the bronze alloys are divided into Tinless and tin, and about production — by casting and handled the pressure.


«Tin» bronze marked the beginning of the Bronze Age. It is facile processed, is resistant to wear and to moisture, easy to cut, stamp, bends, drilled, is available rolling, drawing, soldering. After recovery usually reused. It is inexpensive, durable and flexible, a good conductor of heat and electricity. Compared to brass — from bronze better mechanical, frictional properties and corrosion resistance. Most of the bronzes (except aluminum) can be easily welded and soldered and brazing.


Specifications are regulated GOST 24 301−93. Chem. It normalizes the composition of products of GOST 5017−74; 18, 175−78; 493−79. For the production of bronze pieces can be used by means of the centrifugal and die casting. The diameter of the product is from 20 to 1200 mm. To date, the stock company Evek GmbH in the presence of the following types of rolled bronze: circle, tape, strip, wire, bar, pipe, hexagon.


Bronze wrought alloys — valuable material in the manufacture of bushings, springs, bushings and contacts. From casting alloys manufactured bearings, gears and other important parts. They have excellent anti-friction properties. Details of beryllium bronze not spark when striking, they are used in potentially explosive atmospheres. «Admiralty bronze» — contains tin and zinc, resistant to salt water corrosion, is used in the shipbuilding industry for the manufacture of propellers and add-ins, housings and shafts. Aluminium bronze differ ease and high specific strength, demand in transport engineering. Its high electrical conductivity is important in electrical engineering. Bronze rental use in the construction of monuments to cast figurines, candlesticks, and so on. N.

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