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General Characteristics

Heat-resistant stainless steel on iron-nickel base KhN35VB-vd, id (EP912-VD; KhN35VB) is produced in the form of slabs, blanks, billets according to Technical Specifications 14-1-4223-87. Steel pipes of this grade and fittings are produced under Technical Conditions 14-3-1583-88. CrN35VB steel pieces of grade CrN35VB can be continuously operated at t ° up to 1000 ° C.


Pipeline parts of gas systems of space, aviation equipment. Circle grade CrN35VB is in demand in modern industry due to wear resistance, durability, increased resistance to corrosion. From such a circle are made:

- building frameworks;

- stop valve, seamless pipes for housing and utilities sector and fuel industry;

- tools for metal processing;

- engine shafts, rims, supporting rollers for machine building;

- crockery, household equipment;

-equipment for chemical, light and food industries. Successfully used in corrosive environments (seawater, alkalis, acids) in a wide temperature range.


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