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General characteristics

Steel brand ХН45МВТЮБР-ID one of the most popular on the market of stainless steel. It is widely used in modern industry. The most popular product — the tube that is able to withstand temperature over 1000 °C in high temperature installations. Carefully chosen elements in its composition contribute to the improvement of chemical and physical characteristics. The basis of the alloy are chromium and Nickel, Clearly the impact of chromium on the properties of the alloy appear when the content is not less than 15%. According to the requirements of GOST steel of this brand contains chromium in the range of 15−23%,. More than 24 percent chromium content in the alloy ceases to «do useful work», reduces the processability of the alloy. Steel stipulates in its composition of 45% Nickel and additives of alloying elements.


In its composition steel grade ХН45МВТЮБР-ID contains in addition to chromium and Nickel carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, copper, titanium, aluminum, niobium, cerium, etc. Doping is necessary to improve the technological characteristics of products: heat-resistance and heat resistance, ability to withstand aggressive environments. Excessive doping increases the price of alloy, therefore it must be carried out sparingly: metal needs to be technologically advanced, and performance required to meet specific standards. Heat-resistant and heat-resistant steel ХН45МВТЮБР-ID is the embodiment of optimal balance of price and quality.


Steel ХН45МВТЮБР-ID smelted in an open arc furnace. Tubes rolled at an initial temperature of 1180 °C and 900 °C — at the end of processing. After deformation, the steel is cooled. According to the first mode is air cooling, water or oil, and according to the second mode cooling is with water with further aging products for 4−5 hours. Welding is performed using electrodes of the type DH-19.

The circle is made hot with a diameter of 5−270 mm, but most manufacturers go beyond the standard if requested by the customer. The circle of strength can be high, high and standard strength. The roundness of the circle can not be higher than 50% of the amount of boundary bias on a circular diameter.


All the products ХН45МВТЮБР-ID certified. In the technical documentation included data on chemical composition, limiting the percentage of impurities; mechanical qualities of the products. We can buy in bulk any semi-finished products for large-scale production. We also offer optimal conditions for retail customers. A high level of service and speed of service are the face of our company.

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