Stainless Corner


Modern industry is unthinkable without stainless steel rolling. And one of the paramount values today acquires stainless angle. It is used in mechanical engineering, construction as an important structural element, including for interior design. Instrument engineering, chemical production today also need a high-temperature resistant angle, resistant to moisture and corrosive environment. Medicine, food and textile industry also use stainless angle, which among other advantages is characterized by biological inertness.


Stainless angle is produced hot-rolled, bent mirror (polished). Hot-rolled angle has a narrow range of dimensions. Square angle: it has thickness of 3 - 10 mm and flange width of 20 - 100 mm. The thickness of the angle is usually 10% of the flange width. Hot-rolled angles are rolled to measured length, but different lots have different lengths: from 4.5 m to 6 m. The most popular steel grade 304 AISI (321 AISI is used less frequently).

Percentage composition

AISI grade C Si Mn P S Cr Ni N Mo V Ti Cu
304 0.08 max 1,0 2,0 0,045 0,030 18,0 - 20,0 8,0 - 10,5

Percentage composition

P (max) Mn (max) C (max) S (max) Ti Ni Cr Si (max)
AISI 321 0,045 2,0 0,10 0,015 5*C-0,5 8,00-11,0 17,0-19,0 1,0

Curved polished (mirror) angle, made of stainless steel band 304 AISI. Such angle angle has equilateral thickness 1,5 - 2 mm with flange width 20-50 mm; length - 6 m. Comes in a foil (as well as similar products).

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