1.4511 - aisi 430Nb pipe, wire, circle

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Evek GmbH offers the supply of bulk rolled steel 1.4511, aisi 430Nb at a favorable price from the manufacturer, with the delivery to any location specified by the customer. Buy AISI 430Nb (1.4511) from Evek GmbH in a wide range of lengths, profiles and diameters.

Composition and properties

AISI 430Nb low carbon stainless steel with niobium is produced in accordance with ASTM (USA), UNS Euro-norms and GOST 5632.

Composition of this steel produced abroad is given in the table below:

Chemical element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Niobium Iron
Steel content, % Not more than 0,05 Not more than 1.0 Not more than 1.0 16...18 0,35...0,6 The rest

The material is well amenable to hot forging with drop hammers and hot forging presses. Thermal treatment after rolling is possible and is made with the purpose to increase surface hardness of initial rolling and to decrease grain size in microstructure. High resistance against corrosion phenomena development is maintained at operating temperatures up to5000 С. The recommended mode of high-temperature annealing is seasoning at temperatures of 750...8000 С, followed by cooling in the furnace or in calm air. Normalization of AISI 430Nb (1.4511) steel is ineffective.

The homogeneity of physical and mechanical properties of the considered steel does not depend on the method of its melting. Therefore, the material can be produced by different technologies - by melting in conventional furnaces, by electric arc and electric vacuum methods. In the latter case vacuum degassing is carried out at the same time, which helps to improve the homogeneity of the structure and reduces the number of non-metallic inclusions.

Metallurgical companies of the European Union produce this steel under the brand X3CrNb17 and they have somewhat tougher tolerances for carbon content: the carbon content in the steel shall not exceed 0.03%. The closest domestic analogue is heat-resistant alloy 0Х17Н5Г9АБ. It is produced according to the company's specifications and has the following composition:

Chemical element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Niobium Nickel
Steel content, % Not more than 0,08 Not more than 0.8 Not more than 0.8 16...18 Up to 0.8 Up to 4,5...5,5


AISI 430Nb (1.4511) is characterized by its high niobium content and high heat resistance. This makes it possible to use volumetric parts made of wire, rod or tubes in the working parts of pipelines and pipeline fixtures, which are constantly in contact with chemically aggressive media at heated up to 450 ...5000 C.

The plasticity of the steel considered is satisfactory, although complex in shape semi-finished products should be subjected to hot machining with pressure. When machining in the cold state, the machining tools are made of high-speed steels, and softening annealing is provided between transitions. Heat resistant alloy 0Х17Н5Г9АБ due to the presence of nickel has a high machinability.

Buy stainless low-carbon steel AISI 430Nb (1.4511) with a high content of niobium, and in the state of delivery circle, wire, tubes from the company Evek GmbH is very profitable. Volumetric rolled steel is characterized by the stability of all dimensional characteristics, and each batch is accompanied by a corresponding quality certificate.