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General Characteristics

Brasses are divided into complex and simple according to their chemical composition. Copper-zinc alloys with few impurities are called double or simple. Complex alloys additionally contain, for example, lead and manganese, which facilitate mechanical processing. Aluminum increases the overall strength but reduces the ductility, phosphorus increases the hardness, and nickel increases the wear and chemical resistance. Tin can increase corrosion resistance, but also increases brittleness. Silicon forms the high casting characteristics of the alloy. Iron increases the quality and fluidity of parts in the casting process and gives a fine-grained structure to the rolled steel.


Brasses have higher strength, corrosion resistance and better casting properties than copper. They are malleable, easily deformed under pressure, available to any type of machining, brass parts are easy to assemble. Besides the production cost of this alloy is less than that of bronze or copper.


According to hardness brass is divided into hard, semi-hard, soft and extra hard alloys. This division is directly related to the amount of pressure required to cold deform the metal. For brass, it varies from 30 to 64 kg/mm2. Red and yellow brass are distinguished according to the proportion of zinc. The more zinc, the more yellow the alloy becomes. Brass rolling is divided into the following types: circle, strip, sheet, wire, pipe and hexagon.


Brass bars are used to make plumbing fixtures and decorative elements for interior decoration. In instrument engineering it is used for manometer and condenser tubes, sleeves of chemical equipment, polygraphic matrices. Brass is used in mechanical engineering to make bearings and bushings, engine cooling systems. Complex alloys with the addition of tin are in demand in shipbuilding and are notable for their chemical inertness. They are also used in military equipment and modern ammunition.


The price list of rolled brass includes more than 200 profiles with cross-section from 7 to 40 mm. Round bars are available in length and multiple lengths. Production includes horizontal casting, drawing with the following calibration that provides high accuracy of parameters and optimizes work of automatic metal-working lines. The most popular grades are LS59-1 "bulk" (40% of zinc, 59% of copper and 1% of lead) and LS63 "drawing" (37% of zinc and 63% of copper).

Percentage composition of LS59-1 grade (GOST 15 527-2004)

Zn Cu Fe Pb Sn Sb P Bi Si+Sn Impurities
37,05-42,2 57-60 0,5 0,8-1,9 ≤0,3 ≤0,01 ≤0,025 ≤0,003 ≤0,5 ≤0,75

Percentage composition of L63 grade (GOST 15 527-2004)

Zn Cu Fe Pb Sn Sb P Bi Si Impurities
34,22-37,5 62-65 ≤0,2 ≤0,07 --- ≤0,005 ≤0,015 ≤0,002 --- ≤0,5

Production of bars including round or hexagonal profile (GOST 2060-90), sheets, wire, tubes and strips. The basis of heat conducting elements are usually "boiler" tubes of L68 grade (68% Cu and 32% Zn) (GOST 21 646-76). For shipbuilding brass ЛО62-1 (62% Cu, 37% Zn and 1% Pb) with excellent corrosion resistance is actual. LS-59 - serves as a base for hexagonal tubes, hexagonal rods. Production of hexagonal cold-deformed round LS59-1 is regulated by GOST 2060-90 of two types of accuracy: high and normal. Brass bars are produced semisolid, soft and hard. They are used as basis for metalware. Round drawn rod can be 3 levels of accuracy: high, normal and high.


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