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General characteristics

Alloyed brass LS59 and brass L59 are similar materials. refer to pressure-treated alloys. Brass rolled products are cheaper and more durable compared to copper. At the same time has a good manufacturability and resistance to corrosion. It is widely used in the production of semi-finished products such as pipes, sheets, profiles, fasteners.

Alloy LS59

Chemical composition of LS59 (lead-brass) is regulated by GOST 15 627-2004. The alloy consists of the following components: main part is copper 57 - 60%, zinc is contained in amount of 37 - 42,2%. The alloying additives are listed in descending order. Lead 0,8 - 1,9%, iron 0,5%, tin 0,3%, silicon 0,2%, phosphorus 0,02%, antimony 0,01%, bismuth 0,03%, impurities up to 0,75%.

Percentage composition of LS59 (GOST 15 527-2004)

Zn Cu Fe Pb Sn Sb P Bi Si+Sn Impurities
37,05-42,2 57-60 0,5 0,8-1,9 ≤0,3 ≤0,01 ≤0,025 ≤0,003 ≤0,5 ≤0,75
The alloy melts at t° 900 °C, is processed at t° 780 - 820 °C, the annealing temperature is 600 - 650 °C.Increased ductility allows its wide use for the production of sheet and bar steel Mechanical strength at t ° 20 ° C LS59 soft alloy has a tv 390 MPa, d5 44%; hard alloy tv = 500 MPa, d5 10%, HB 10-1 = 163 MPa, cast alloy hardness HB 10-1 = 77 MPa.


The following semi-finished products are produced: GOST 494-90 pressed pipes, GOST 2060-2006 pressed bar, GOST 31 366-2008 hard and soft bar, GOST 1066-90 hard and soft wire, GOST 931-90 hot and cold-rolled strip, GOST 2208-2007 soft and hard sheet. Also alloy PS59 is in demand for the manufacture of forgings; bolts, nuts, gears, sleeves, gears.

Alloy LS59

Chemical composition of L59 grade is regulated by GOST 15 627-2004. Alloy consists of the following components: main part is copper - 57 - 60%, zinc - 37 - 42,2%. The alloying additives are listed in descending order. Lead 0.8 - 1.9%, iron 0.5%, tin 0.3%, silicon 0.2%, phosphorus 0.02%, antimony 0.01%, bismuth 0.03%, impurities up to 0.75%. Alloy melts at t ° 1030 - 1080 ° C, processed at t ° 730 - 820 ° C, casting shrinkage is 1.97%. Alloy L59 is used for production of bars, sheets, tubes.

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