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chn75tbu - ei869 sheet, round, wire


Heat-resistant nickel-based alloy KhN75TBU (obsolete name EI869) is used in the production of rotors, disks, flat springs, fasteners that operate at temperatures up to +650 ° C, as well as in the production of welded fragments and parts of the pipeline fittings. The popularity of this type of products is due to its high quality, variety of assortment, and affordable price.

Technical documentation governing the quality

Description Designation Other
Thermochemical and heat treatment of materials В04 STC KBA 016-2005
Shaped and section rolled products В32 TUN 14-1- 272-72

Chemical composition

C Fe Mn P Ce Si S Ni Cr Ba Al
up to 0.1 19.13 - 27.4 up to 0.3 up to 0.02 up to 0.03 up to 0.8 up to 0.02 55 - 58 15 - 18 up to 0.1 2.6 - 3.5

Technological characteristics of the alloy KhN75TBU


Designation Description
Limited weldable - Preheating to 100-120°C with subsequent heat treatment is required
no restrictions - No need for preheating and final heat treatment
Difficult to weld - need for preliminary heating to 200-300°C with the final heat treatment

Physical properties of the alloy KhN75TBU.

kg/m3 Grad MPa J/(kg-grad) 1/Grad Ohm-m W/(m-grad)
r T E 10- 5 C a 10 6 R 10 9 l
900 15.88 47.4
800 1.69 15.18 40.2
700 15.11 34.5
600 14.59 29.3
500 14.22 24
400 14.2 19.6
300 13.42 15.9
200 13.08 13
100 12.28 10.5
7900 20 2.1


Physical properties of the alloy

Description Designation
- Alloy data acquisition temperature [degrees] - T
- Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] - E
- Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (at 20°C), [1/Grad] -a
- Specific electrical resistance [Ohm-m] -R -R
- Specific gravity [g/cm3] -r -r
- Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m-grad)] -l -l
- Specific heat capacity (at 20°C), [J/(kg-grad) -C

Mechanical properties at 20°C of the alloy KhN75TBU.

Size e.g. y KCU s in sT d5 Products Heat treatment
mm - % kJ/m2 MPa MPa % - -
740 345-390 35 GOST 24 982-81, sheet Hardened at 1050 - 1090oC

Mechanical properties:

Description Designation
Limit of proportionality (yield strength for permanent deformation) [MPa] sT
Tensile strength [MPa] sT
Ratio constriction [ % ] y
Tensile elongation [ % ] d5
Brinell hardness, in [MPa] HB
Impact toughness [ kJ/m2 ] KCU

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