MP159® - sheet, circle, wire

International Equivalent

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MP159® - UNS R30159

This chromium-nickel-cobalt alloy has the same characteristics as the MP35N ® alloy. MP159® is strong and ductile at temperatures up to 590 - 650 °C. It has high resistance to fatigue corrosion and corrosion resistance to hydrogen and crevice corrosion.

Physical properties (after annealing at t°1052°C) Tensile strength) yield strength Modulus of elasticity (at 230 - 450°C) Shear modulus (at 230-450°C) Elongation at break (after cold working 48%)
Metric scale 848 MPa 400 MPa 208 GPa 75.8 GPa 12%

Rolled steel is represented by: sheets, strips, plates, rounds, wires, seamless and welded tubes, forgings, fittings and flanges.

Chemical composition:

C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo Cu Co Cb Ti Al Fe Zr В
19.0 par 25.5 par 7.0 par. 35.7 par 3,0 0,2 9,0 0,6


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