13KhFA pipe, circle, rod TU 1317-006.1-593377520 - 2003

The company Evek GmbH offers to buy structural alloy steel 13XFA. The price is from the manufacturer. The company guarantees timely delivery of products to any location specified by the customer.

The company Evek GmbH offers to buy constructional medium-alloy steel of grade 13ХФА. The selling price from the manufacturer is guaranteed. The company also provides unconditional performance of the range of products ordered, delivery of which is carried out at any point specified by the customer.

Composition and properties

Structural alloyed steel of grade 13ХФА does not belong to the main types of steels of such class, and is produced by individual orders according to TU 1317-006.1-593377520 - 2003. The steel has the following composition:

Alloying element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Vanadium Aluminum Copper
Percentage content 0,11...0,17 0,17...0,37 0,40...0,65 0.65 No more than 0.25 0,5...0,7 0,04...0,09 0,02...0,05 Not more than 0.25

Under smelting conditions, the steel also contains nitrogen (not more than 0.008%), and metallurgical impurities - sulfur and phosphorus (not more than 0.015%).

Foreign analogues of this steel are not known.

The mechanical characteristics of the material after hot rolling are:

  • Tensile strength, MPa - 502...686 (lower values correspond to the wire);
  • The limit of plasticity, MPa - 353...519 (smaller values correspond to the wire);
  • Relative elongation, % - 25;
  • Impact toughness kJ/m2 - 190.

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy bulk and sheet rolled steel 13ХФА at manufacturer's economically advantageous price. Buy rolled steel can be in a wide range of thicknesses and diameters of the original material.


Structural alloy steel 13XFA delivered according to TU 1317-006.1-593377520 - 2003, is used in the manufacture of blanks parts, exploitation of which will be carried out with high demands on corrosion resistance and durability at low temperatures. These include parts of control valves and fasteners of main pipelines operating at ambient temperatures from -60 ° C to +40 ° C, and at pressures of pumped media at elevated temperatures of +5 ° C to +40 ° C.

Buy sheet and volumetric rolled steel 13ХФА from the company Evek GmbH economically profitable. The price from the manufacturer is valid. The company provides timely delivery of products, each batch of which is accompanied by a certificate of quality.