Kunial - CuNiAl wire, circle, sheet, strip

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General Characteristics

Kunial is a copper-based alloy with aluminum Al (1 to 4%) and nickel Ni (4 to 20%). This alloy is not inferior to many structural alloys in strength. It is also characterized by high corrosion resistance in sea water. Kunial comes in two grades: (MHA 13-3) Kunial A. It contains 2.3-3% Al and 12-15% Ni; (MHA 6-1.5) Kunial B. Contains 1.2-2.8% Al and 5.5-6.5% Ni.

Percentage composition

Alloy Kunial A Kunial B
Al 2,3-3 1,2-2,8
Ni+Co 12-15 5,5-6,5
Pb 0,002 0,002
Mn 0,5 0,2
Fe 1 0,5
Cu Osn. Osn.

Basic qualities

The chemical properties of the alloy Kunial are similar to those of melchior (grade MH19). The alloy hardens after heat treatment. Quenching at 900-1000°C in water and aging at 500-600°C are used. At low temperatures the alloy retains not only ductility but also strength. Kunial B at room temperature has a tensile strength in the aged state of 638 MPa and transverse contraction of 50%. At lowering the temperature to -180 ° C tensile strength = 700 MPa.


The alloy is produced in the form of bars and strips of different sizes. This alloy has 11 impurities (carbon, silicon, lead, arsenic, antimony, etc.) in addition to the basic elements. Copper and nickel alloys have an identical crystal lattice and virtually identical atom sizes. Because of this, a solid solution is formed during alloying. Nickel imparts ductility, strength, and hardness. When its percentage in the alloy is increased, corrosion resistance in aqueous environments also increases, but electrical conductivity decreases. This composition is suitable for making elements with high electrical resistance.


This alloy is used in the manufacture of special purpose parts and devices where high corrosion resistance and high strength are required, for example in shipbuilding. It is also used in the manufacture of springs and resilient elements. And thanks to its high freeze-thaw resistance it is used in cryogenic applications. Cunial, A (MHA 13-3) is in demand in parts of high strength, Cunial B (MHA 6-1,5) - in electrical industrial instrumentation and for the manufacture of critical springs.


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