Copper bus bar shmt


Copper bus bar is reliable, durable, inexpensive and capable of working at significant temperature variations from -200°C to +250°C. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to atmospheric and soil moisture. It is very malleable, easy to cut, drill, available to all types of soldering and welding. Ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, long life and harmlessness - make copper bar extremely advantageous to use. In addition, copper products are usually reused after recycling.


Copper bars are made from rectangular cross section, pressed ingots or billets based on copper rods. Copper alloys are used: M1, M2, M3, the chemical composition is regulated by GOST 859-79. Copper rod is produced hard, semi-hard or soft. The surface must be clean, smooth, without any visible defects. Perhaps the presence of traces of broaching.

Copper tire GOST TU Mark Cut
Pressed 434-78

1844-195 430-107-99;

1844-086-195 363-2000

M1; M2 16x220
Semi-hard 434-78 1844-124-195 430-2005 М1 all dimensions according to GOST
PPP with increased surface finish 434-78 1844-117-195 430-2007 М1 all sizes according to GOST

GOST 18 690-82 requires the brand, tire parameters and the current standard.

Copper tire domestic GOST 434-78

Chemical composition Thickness Width Mark Varieties Specific resistance at 20 ° C



4 -30 mm 16 -120 mm. not less than M1

CMM soft

MMT hard

PMT rigid of oxygen-free copper

Up to 0,1 724-106Ohm-m)

Tire marking meets the requirements of GOST 18 690-82. An example of marking: SMT 8,00x60,00 GOST 434-78.Solid copper tire 8x60mm:

Tire copper imported

Foreign suppliers: VBS (Serbia), MKM (Germany), LUVATA (Finland). Bus bars from these manufacturers have the highest chemical purity and electrical properties, accurate compliance with the parameters, excellent electrical conductivity (58.1-58.3MS/m).

Standards of imported busbars copper electrical

Standard Mark Variety Note
DIN-1787 Cu-OF, Cu-OF1, Cu-OFE Oxygen-free copper bars High ductility and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
EN-13 601 Cu-ETP, Cu-ETP1, Cu-FRHC Flexible tires made of oxygen-containing grades Protection against hydrogen embrittlement is required.
EN-13 601 OF-OK Made of deoxidised, oxygen-free or silver added deoxidised copper Increased softening point.


Copper bars, busbars and flat bars are indispensable in today's industry for the installation of electrical circuits or switchgear. Neither radio engineering nor electrical engineering can do without it today. Oxygen-free copper bars are indispensable in nuclear power engineering, vacuum and aerospace, linear gas pedals , etc.


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