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Steel pipe 45Х14Н14В2М (ЭИ69) is made of heat-resistant high-alloy chromium-nickel alloy. Its composition according to GOST 5632-72 is from 13 to 15% of chromium and nickel. The average content of these elements is reflected in the alphanumeric designation of steel - X14H14 ... The number 45 indicates the average carbon content in hundredths of a percent: 0,40 - 0,5%. The alloy has 2-2.8% tungsten, up to 0.4% Mo, up to 0.7% Mn and 0.8% Si, as well as sulfur and phosphorus respectively 0.02 and 0.035%. The remainder is iron. Elements are added to the initial charge, which dramatically affect the quality of the finished product. This steel is produced in an open induction furnace by electroslag remelting, when current is passed through the conductive slag. This technique greatly improves the quality of the metal. The forging temperature of the semi-finished products is about 1160 °C at the beginning and about 850 °C at the end of the process. The alloy is quenched in air or in water at temperatures up to 1100 to 1200 °C.

Percentage composition GOST 5632-72

Alloy С V Si Mo Ti Mn Ni Cr S P Fe
45CR14NI14V2M 0,4-0,5 -- ≤0,8 0,25-0,4 -- ≤0,7 13-15 13-15 ≤0,02 ≤0,035 basis

Steel qualities

This alloy is heat-resistant and heat-resistant, but unstable in environments containing sulfur. Pipe from this alloy is designed for continuous operation at t ° 650 ° C, but can withstand elevated temperatures up to 850 ° C, above which the active formation of scale. Weldability is limited, requiring preheating of parts to 200 ° C and the final heat treatment.

Grad MPa 1/Grad W/(m-hrad) g/cm3
20 2 14 8
200 1,9 11 17 7,93
400 1.73 18 20 7,84
600 1.57 18 22 7,76
800 1,41 19 7,66


This steel is used for the production of afterburner parts - an additional combustion chamber in turbojet engines that increases the thrust (it operates at t°600-700°C and the minimum load), for various mechanisms and parts of gas pipeline systems, which also have a minimum load. In addition, for the manufacture of heating elements and welding wires for cladding parts and welding metal structures in mechanical engineering. Pipes made of this steel are used for water drainage as well as for discharge of red-hot industrial gases. When heated, chromium and nickel actively form a surface oxide film which enhances the material's resistance to aggressive environments. Circle and bar made of this steel is used as billets for shaped products: angles, beams, special profiles and channels, which are used in construction work of any complexity. In the engineering industry, the circles are used for the production of pushers, axles and shafts.

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