Tool steels

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General Characteristics

Tool steels are alloyed carbon grades with a high level of hardness, wear resistance and strength. Tool steels are used for making cutting edges of tools. Such steels can be quality and high quality, which depends on the content of phosphorus and sulfur (in the first type - 0.035% and 0.03% respectively, and in the second - 0.03% and 0.02%). The normalization of the percentage content is made on the basis of GOST requirements.

Advantages of tool steel

- relatively low price;

- significant hardness as compared to other materials.


Low red resistance and low resistance to wear.

Types of tool steels

1. Non heat resistant (alloyed carbon tool steels, which contain no more than 3-4% alloying elements).

2. Semi-heat-resistant steels up to t° 400-500°C (they contain more than 0.6-0.7% of sulfur and 4-18% of chromium).

3. heat-resistant steels - up to t° 550-650°C (high-alloyed grades containing cobalt, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, tungsten). Heat-resistant tool steel is called high-speed tool steel.


Carbon tool steel is marked with the letter "U", the next index (U7, U10, etc.) shows the average composition of carbon in tenths of a percent. The letter "A" at the end indicates that the steel is of high quality.

Alloy steels X, 9Cr, etc. are marked with a digit that declares the average carbon content in tenths of a percent, when the carbon content is less than one percent. The figure may be missing when the carbon content is about 1%. The alloying elements are designated by letters, followed by digits reflecting the percentage of these elements in the composition.

Tool steels of the fast-cutting type are marked with the letter "P". Subsequent numbers in tool steels represent the average percentage of the major alloying element, tungsten. The letter "M" denotes the percentage content of molybdenum, vanadium is denoted by the letter "F", cobalt by the letter "K". The average percentage of chromium in high speed steels is about 4%, usually it is not specially marked in tool steels.

Carbon tool steels contain 0.7-1.3% carbon and manganese. High-quality steel is marked with the letter A, it contains the minimum number of harmful impurities of sulfur and phosphorus. Phosphorus contributes to reduction of steel strength and toughness. Carbon tool steels have high strength, hardness and wear resistance. But such properties are preserved only in the temperature range of 200-250 degrees.

High-speed steels

To improve performance characteristics, alloying elements (vanadium, cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, etc.) are added to tool steel grades. Introduced into the base composition, they form carbide compounds. These compounds are characterized by high strength, hardness, heat and wear resistance.

Tool steel 6X6VZSMF contains about 0.6% carbon, 3% tungsten, 6% chromium, less than 1% vanadium, molybdenum and silicon. The addition of vanadium, molybdenum and silicon to tool steels greatly increases tool hardness, density, heat and wear resistance. For this reason, alloyed steels are widely used in the production of wood cutting tools.

The high-speed tool steels are able to retain their cutting properties at high temperatures up to 600-650 degrees. This is achieved due to the fact that the steels have an increased content of molybdenum and tungsten in their composition. Rapid-cutting tool steels are designated by the letter P, the next number indicates the percentage of tungsten content. The other elements and their composition are shown in the same way as in alloy steels. The composition of chromium and vanadium is not included in the designation of high speed steels.


Carbon steel is used in limited applications such as woodworking tools. Carbon tool steels are used for producing cutting tools (drills, taps, files, broaches, reamers, etc.). Alloy steels are used for production of more responsible products, working at high speed, such as stamping and cutting tools. The price of tool steel depends on its variety.

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