Rolling rings in titanium

Pomnirnost is a fatal power, Oscar Wilde once said. Only extremity leads to success.

Production of gurkots rings

Hydraulic press with power 1600 — 2500 ton-force, horizontal roll machine with power 630 ton-force produces profiles of complex shape with minimum allowance for mechanical treatment, including the compressor and turbine blades. Linear size of forgings up to 300 mm. Weight — up to 10 kg — of light and carbon steels and alloys. The 4000 ton-force forging press and RAW 315/260 Ringsetting Press produce dry rolled rings of up to 600 kg shaft, up to 2000 mm diameter and up to 300 mm height, made of any alloy or deformable steel grade.


The rollers serve as the basis for centrifuges, impellers (working wheels of centrifugal pumps) for the processing industry and hydrometallurgy. Without gurkots of the wheels it is impossible to produce bearings and any kind of machining units. Modern machine-building is unthinkable without the ring products.


We supply certified metal rolling. Delivered in assortment forged rings, rolled, and pressed simple and complex profiles, according to the customer’s requirements and the requirements of OST 1−90 396−81, OST 1−90 084−80 of structural, heat, stainless, carbon steels and titanium alloys (titanium rings). We can buy in bulk whether or not the materials for large-scale projects. We also offer optimal conditions for lump deliveries. Stavshih our loyal customer, you can rozhovyvatsya to the system of discount discounts.

Buy at a competitive price.

The company Evek GmbH gives its customers an unlimited choice of rings of the highest quality at a competitive price. If you are not convinced of your choice, you are served by knowledgeable managers who are always available and ready to provide advice. By placing an order, you get certified products, compliant with GOST and international standards of quality in the shortest possible time. If you value your time, call today to our nearest office, or place an order on the Internet.

We offer the laminated blanks:

  • in the «black» appearance, with allowances of 6−10 mm per side;
  • skinning;
  • with the full set of parts, with the remaining heat treatment and all the necessary types of tests.

Quality forged blanks, including the level of mechanical properties — according to the standards.

We offer roll rings:

  • Outer diameter — 340−2000 mm.
  • Internal diameter — 200−1790 mm.
  • Forging — 60−300 mm
  • Forging weight — 35−620 kg.

We offer custom rolling rings (including titanium rings), stamping and casting for the melted models. Mastered the unique technology of production on specialized equipment blanks rings of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys. Rings are delivered in honed or unsharpened variants, with a full set of control procedures. All lots have a certificate of quality for compliance with the standards and technical conditions of operation. The certificate includes seat number, alloy grade, mechanical properties of parts and the results of additional tests. Implementation of orders — in the strictest terms.