Aluminum circle

International Equivalent

Mark Analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
AD0 1011 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AD1 1013 Al99.3 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AMC 3003 3.0517 AlMn1Cu Delivery from the stock, in stock
D1 1110 Delivery from the stock, in stock
D16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK4 2618 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK6 2117 AlCuMg0.5 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK8 2014 3.1255 AlCu4SiMg Delivery from the stock, in stock

"The reverse sides of medals are usually very similar." W. Grzegorczyk.


According to GOST 21 488-97 - aluminum circle is produced of round cross-section Ø 8-400 mm, from technical aluminum AD0, AD1, AD or alloys AK8, AMC, AD31, AK6, D1, AK4, AK4-1, D16 or others. The standard length is 0.5-6 m. Chemical composition is regulated by GOST 4784-97. Circle with ordinary quality of finishing has a matte surface without delamination, cracks, foreign inclusions, traces of dirt or corrosion. Microstructure of the parts that have undergone hardening - without any traces of overburning. They are tested on completion of heat treatment. Bevel, ovality, twist and curvature are checked in accordance with GOST 26 877-91.

Diameter, mm. Price
Aluminum circle AK4-1 (AK4-1T1) negotiated
From 20 to 250 bargain
Aluminium circle AK6 contract
From 20 to 250 contract
Aluminium circle AMg (AMg3, AMg2, AMg3M, AMg6, AMg5) contract
From 8 to 450 contract
Aluminium circle AMc contract
From 8 to 300 contract
Bar aluminum AD1 contract
From 20 to 150 contract
Aluminium bar AD31 (AD31T) negotiated
From 20 to 150 contractual

Packaging, storage, transportation and temporary protection of products are regulated by GOST 9.510-93.


Aluminum round is very light, comparatively cheap and perfectly amenable to mechanical processing. It is non-magnetic, has high electric and thermal conductivity. Thanks to the surface oxide film, it is little susceptible to corrosion in a humid environment. It is non-toxic, durable, aesthetically pleasing and superior to steel in a number of respects:

  • it is a much lighter metal;
  • much more technologically advanced;
  • Aluminum alloys with silicon or magnesium, resistant even to seawater.

Aluminium circle marking

State of the material Strength Rolled precision By length

M - soft, annealed;

T - naturally hardened and aged;

T1 - hardened and artificially aged.

PP - increased strength;

Without designations - of normal strength.

N - normal;

P - increased;

B - high;


KD - multiple of measured length (with a multiplicity designation);

NK/HB - shorter than/no more than specified length with given size designation

BT - coils (of off-gauge length).

Hot-drawn rounds are manufactured without heat treatment.

An example of designation of an aluminum circle: Circle D16T PP KR60Ph4000 GOST 21 488-97 circle of alloy D16, precision manufacturing, glued and naturally aged, diameter 60 mm, increased strength, length 4000 mm:

Grade Diameter Length
AD0, AD1, AD31, AMC, D1, D16, AC4, AC4-1, AC6, AC8 8-400mm 0,5-6м

Duraly circle

Circle grades D16, D16T, B95T1, B95 - GOST 21 488-97 manufactured from duraluminium (chemical composition - GOST 4784-97). Thanks to alloying (additives Cu, Mg, Mn) duralumin has significant fatigue endurance properties, static strength - up to 500 MPa and ductility. Compared to steel, durum is considerably lighter and less expensive. Additional heat treatment (hardening, natural or artificial aging) makes it possible to considerably strengthen such a circle. Since dural products are susceptible to corrosion, a film of pure aluminum is applied to them.


Dural is relevant in transport engineering, when creating lightened strong frame structures of sports cars, ships and aircraft,


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