• The high degree of responsibility
    Compliance with the terms and conditions of supply. Better than any advertising work our reputation, confirmed by the confidence of loyal customers.
  • Supply of exclusive products
    Processing non-standard orders. Individual approach to execution of orders, tasks.
  • Warehouses of finished products
    Stocks of finished products are located in Moscow and Dnipro to be closer to the client.
  • International delivery of products
    Export geography includes over 20 countries on 3 continents.
  • Offices around the world
    Our offices are located in Russia, Ukraine, virtual offices in UK, USA, Poland, Kazakhstan.
PJSC «Gaisky GOK» is a company of UMMC raw material complex. He finished the set skipaway mine hoisting machine. So were installed all its components and parts. The machine manufacturer engaged in Uralmashzavod,...
28 August 2019
Korean Doosan started to build a new plant in Hungary
Doosan is a Korean industrial group. She announced the start of construction of a new plant in Hungary. The company will engage in the production of copper foil. It will be located in the industrial...
14 August 2019
NLMK intends to implement a new iron and steel project in India
The Russian NLMK group wants to build in India a large metallurgical enterprise. For the first time this was announced last year. The company offered to build the plant, which produces electrical steel. The size of the investment...
12 August 2019
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About products

Stainless steel and non-ferrous rolled steel from Electrovek-Steel

Elektrovek-steel is a progressive international steel trading company that continues to grow and develop. Consumers of our products are private customers, enterprises of various specializations, as well as reliable trading organizations. We export stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys, refractory and rare metals, nickel steels and pipes to more than twenty countries on three continents. The number of our partners is constantly growing and we will be glad to cooperate with you as well.

The priority direction of our work is the production and sale of seamless stainless and alloy pipes, as well as pipes made of special materials.

In the near future Elektrovek-Stal plans to become the largest company in the CIS market. Our grandiose ambitions are the best guarantee that we will do everything for the highest quality satisfaction of the needs of each of our clients.

On our website you can get acquainted with the entire range of products offered, use the reference information, as well as calculate the required volumes of rolled metal using a pipe calculator. In order to buy finished products or make an individual order, please contact the phone numbers of our representative offices listed on the "Contacts" page.

What do we offer?

Elektrovek-steel is a huge range of nickel alloys, stainless steel and titanium, rare, refractory and non-ferrous metals, alloy steel, meshes and connections. A convenient navigation system will allow you to quickly find out the prices for the products you are interested in, and tabular data with GOSTs, basic parameters and material properties - to choose the appropriate grade of rolled metal.

Stainless steel

Using the services of our company, you can buy the best quality stainless steel at very competitive prices. We sell stainless steel throughout the CIS, and also deliver to some other countries in Europe and the world. The stainless steel products we offer are wire, circle, tape, hexagon, angle, square, stainless steel pipes, as well as various types of stainless steel sheet. Here you can buy stainless steel retail and wholesale, as well as make an individual order of non-standard products.

Non-ferrous metals

Another priority area of our work is the production of non-ferrous metals. The production of babbits, solder, tin, bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, duralumin, lead and ferroalloys is carried out at our non-ferrous metal plant using the most modern equipment and advanced technologies. Sales of non-ferrous metal products also have an extensive geography and are not limited to standard products. Non-ferrous rolled products that we offer are pipes, wire, circle, tape, sheet, casting, tire, strip, fittings, foil, square, etc. Non-ferrous metal rolling is one of the most promising areas, the implementation of which allowed us to reach a qualitative a new level of cooperation with our partners.

Our advantages

High degree of responsibility

An important rule of our work is compliance with the terms and conditions of work, thanks to which we managed to win the unshakable trust of regular customers.

Representative offices around the world

Our representative offices - real and virtual - are located all over the world, including, in addition to Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Poland and Kazakhstan.

Exclusive Products

We accept orders for non-standard products, we are ready to solve non-standard tasks, and we also use an individual approach to each client.

Warehouses for finished products

Modern warehouses of our finished products are located in Moscow and Dnepropetrovsk, from where it is easy to carry out deliveries to any city in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Our regular customers are located in Kyiv, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Alma-Ata and other cities of the CIS.

International deliveries

We export our products to the Czech Republic, Belgium, Latvia and 17 other countries in Europe and the world.

If you need a reliable partner who delivers quality products on time at manufacturer's prices, then you have come to the right place. We are waiting for your calls!