Dural hexagon


GOST 21 488-97 regulates the production of dural hexagon of high, normal and high accuracy. The most commonly used alloy D16. The composition is normalized by GOST 4784-97. Composition control - GOST 24 231-80. Hot-pressed dural hexagon without heat treatment is not marked additionally. Hardened and naturally aged square is marked - T. Annealed and naturally aged square with normal cladding is marked additionally A. M. Hardened and naturally aged square with normal cladding - A. T. Thickened cladding is marked U,

Sections should not have on their surface delamination, cracks, non-metallic inclusions, traces of oil or corrosion stains. The surface of products with the usual quality finish, matte. Microstructure of semi-finished products after heat treatment should not have traces of scorch. At the end of processing, the sheet is tested.


Dural hexagon has low weight, high specific strength, easy processing, ductile, well spot-welded. Corrosion resistance increases after cladding with pure aluminium. Quenching and aging are used for hardening. Cold deformation makes the material harder. Annealing increases ductility and makes it easier to cut the material.


Due to high specific strength, dural hexagon is used in construction of high-speed transport: trains, ships, transport aircraft, building structures. Such hexagon is relevant in construction, machine building, fuel energy industry.

Dural hexagon D16T, D16

Side, mm Price, per kg
From 10 to 55 negotiated


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