21NКМТ - ВЭС130 sheet, round, wire

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The production and use of

Binarna martensitic-austenitic steel grade 21НКМТ-VI is smelted by vacuum induction method according to the 14−1-5366−98. It is used for the production of elastic and sensitive elements having complex shapes, as well as gimbals, gyros and rotors. Due to the alloying elements, the surface of the material when in contact with atmospheric air is covered by a solid film of oxide nature, which protects the product from harmful influence of moisture and aggressive environment. Nickel gives the composition ductility, molybdenum and cobalt — elasticity and heat resistance. Additives of silicon and manganese increase the technological quality of the material.

Percentage composition

Al C Co Cr Fe Mn Mo Ni P S Si Ti Y
≤0,2 ≤0,03 8,5−9,5 ≤0.3 mm DOS. ≤0,1 4.5 to 5.5 20,5−21,5 ≤0,01 ≤0,01 ≤0,1 0,6−0,9 Calc. 0,01

Physico-mechanical characteristics at 20 °C
(precision after heat treatment)

TU Product σв N/mm2 σ0,2 N/mm2 σ0,005 N/mm2 δ5, % Temperature coefficient of frequency 106, K-1
THAT 14−1-5366−98 Rod, sheet 1400−1800 1300−1700 1000−1400 6−8 ±10

Steel 21НКМТ-VI 1.5−2 times superior to elasticity and strength of standard austenitic alloys, for example 45НХТ or MAS-22. High mechanical and binarnye quality are achieved not only in small (to 10 mm), but in large cross-sections (100 mm) without the use of cold deformation.


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