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Composition and properties

Steel grade 08X22H6T (EP53) is a stainless chromium-nickel alloy. It contains about 21-23% Cr, 6% Ni, 08% silicon and manganese, 0,4-0,6% titanium, 0,3% copper. Sulfur and phosphorus are contained in hundredths of a percent. Pipe made of this steel has a high resistance to corrosion and has a high tensile strength with fairly high ductility. It does not deform when heated in an oxygenated atmosphere or even pure oxygen and has no magnetic properties.

Percentage composition of 08Cr22Ni6T grade (GOST 5632-72)

C Si Cu Mn Ni Cr P S Ti Fe
≤0,08 ≤0,9 ≤0,3 ≤0,8 3-6 21-23 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 ≤0,65 base

Due to its high resistance to most concentrated alkalis, to hydrofluoric acid, and to salt-saturated seawater, this alloy is in wide demand in a variety of applications. It is not recommended for use in air-enriched acid solutions and acidic environments at temperatures above 375 °C,

Range GOST σB σT Heat treatment
Cold tube 9941-81 588 --- Without heat treatment
H/d pipe 9940-81 588 --- -- "--
Thin sheet 5582-75 640 335 Hardening 950-1050 ° C, water cooling
Thick plate 7350-77 590 345 Tempering at 1000-1050°C, water cooling
Forgings 25 054-81 343 539 Without heat treatment

σB - ultimate short-term strength;

σT - yield strength for permanent deformation.


Pipes made of this steel are used in the oil and chemical industry, in the manufacture of a variety of devices that come into contact with aggressive environments and must actively resist corrosion, for example, in shipbuilding. This alloy is used in the production of equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries, for the manufacture of pumps that pump out mine water, as a material for decorative elements in architecture. The alloy can be included in the composition of bimetals, which are coated through a special gas spraying.

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