Invar 36® pipe - 1.3912

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36H / Invar 36® - UNS K93600

Common trade names: Invar 36®, Nilo 36®, Pernifer 36®. Invar 36 is also referred to as UNS K93600 and Nilo 36. This alloy is a variant of the iron-nickel alloy. Invar alloy retains good strength and hardness over a wide temperature range. The alloy is used for sensors, thermostatic bridges (rods), and liquefied gas transport. Invar 36 alloy has a minimum coefficient of thermal expansion. It is most relevant where high dimensional stability is required, including high-precision electronic instruments, special tools, laser cutting stencils, optical instruments, motor valves. Consumers of the alloy are physicochemical laboratories, research institutes, design bureaus of aircraft construction companies and the aerospace industry, the military-industrial complex, the telecommunications industry and solar energy.

Physical properties

Alloy Ingvar 36 Hardness NV MPa x10 -1 Relative current strength
Annealed 70 85 000 min
¼ hard 79 - 83 90 000 - 115 000
½ hard 84 - 88 105 000 - 125 000
Hard Over 88 120,000 max

Rolled steel is represented by: sheets, strips, plates, rounds, wire, seamless and welded tubes, forgings, fittings and flanges.

Chemical composition:

C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo Cu Co Cb Ti Al Fe W В
0,15 0,6 0,006 0,004 0,4 0,25 36.0 nominal 0.5 max base


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