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The company Evek GmbH offers to buy a bar, a circle, a tube made of structural alloy steel grades 35KhGS or 35 hgs. The price is from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees full compliance with the range of products supplied, as well as its prompt delivery to the address specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

Medium-carbon constructional alloyed steel of 35HGS grade is not included in the range of basic steels specified by GOST 4543, and is produced in CIS countries by individual orders. The equivalent steel of 35hgs grade produced in Poland according to national standard PN has the following composition:

Element Carbon-rod Crème-nium Manganese Chrome Nickel Copper Tungsten Molybdenum
Percentage content in steel 0,32...0,4 1,1...1,4 0,8...1,1 1,1...1,4 Not more than 0,3 0,3 Not higher than 0,25 .25 Not higher than 0,2 Not more than 0.2 Not more than 0.1

In addition, traces of titanium and vanadium (not more than 0.05%), as well as the presence of metallurgical impurities such as phosphorus (up to 0.035%) and sulfur up to 0.04% are allowed in the composition of this steel.

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy at a favorable price of the manufacturer pipe and volume rolled medium-carbon alloy steels 35KhGS and 35hgs. Full compliance with the range of supply is guaranteed. The supplier also provides prompt transportation of products to the customer.

Properties and application

Structural steel grades 35KhGS, 35hgs, alloyed with chromium, manganese and silicon, are used in the manufacture of pushers, shafts, sliding bearings and other heavy-duty products general engineering application, the operating temperature which does not exceed2000 C. The steel lends itself well to all types of hardening heat treatment.

The mechanical characteristics of the steels in question are as follows:

  • Tensile strength, MPa - 1620;
  • yield strength, MPa - 1280;
  • Relative elongation, % - 9;
  • The relative narrowing, % - 40.

Buy a cost-effective price from the manufacturer of the pipe, round, bar, which are made from medium-carbon alloy steel 35ХГС and 35hgs offers the company Evek GmbH. The supplier provides the fulfillment of the product range delivery, as well as its timely delivery to the address specified by the customer.