Beryllium copper with lead

Technical Characteristics

The alloy contains up to 97% copper, in heat treated condition it has even higher strength, higher elasticity and hardness level. The strength of beryllium bronzes reaches 150 kg! mm2,

Mechanical characteristics at 20°C

Grade σ in (MPa) sT (MPa) δ5 (%)
Soft wire 343-686 15-60
Hard wire. 735-1372
Strip soft, 390-590 20-30
Strip hard, 590-930 2.5
Sheet soft , 400-600 196-344 40-50
Sheet hard, 600-950 588-930 2-4

sT - ultimate strength

sT - limit of proportionality (yield strength for permanent deformation)

δ5 - Tensile elongation at break.


Exploration, mining equipment, gas turbine engine parts; parts of moving mechanisms of heavy mining equipment. .

Cold working

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling.

Heat Treatment

Normalization, hardening, annealing, tempering.


Stored in covered or roofed warehouses, adequately protected from mechanical and other types of damage.

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