02N18К9М5Т - эп637 sheet, round, wire

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Brand 02Н18К9М5Т-ID is melted in a vacuum induction furnace using a vacuum-arc remelting. Production is regulated by the following: 14−1-1531−75; 14−1-2227−77; 14−1-3039−80; 14−1-4896−90. Such steel is used for parts operating under heavy load: hulls, motors, helicopter shafts, elements, gears, large pressure tanks, fasteners, fittings.

Percentage composition

Al C Co Fe Mn Mo Ni P S Si Ti
≤0,15 ≤0,02 8,5−9,5 DOS. ≤0,1 4,6−5,5 Of 17.7−19 ≤0,01 ≤0,01 ≤0,1 0,6−0,8

Installed mechanical performance 02Н18К9М5Т-ID (ЭП637А-ID) and 01Н18К9М5Т-IL (ЭП637А-IL) at 20 °C (after aging and quenching)

TU Product type σв, N/mm2 ψ, % KCU, j/cm2
14−1-4896−90 Rod: - - -
14−1-4896−90 The longitudinal samples 1910 40 30
14−1-4896−90 Samples of the cross 1910 30 25

Installed mechanical performance 03Н18К9М5Т-VD (EP 637-VD) in the implementation of

TU Product type σв, N/mm2 σ0,2, N/mm2 δ5, %
THAT 14−1-2227−77 Sheet 900 400 12

Physical quality

At 20 °C the steel has a density of 8.05 g/cm3; elastic modulus is 18.6 · 104 N/mm2; specific electrical resistance is 0,38−0,39 Ohm·mm2/m; saturation induction is 10−12 kgs; thermal linear expansion coefficient of 10.1·10-6/°C Curie point 50 — 60 °C.


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