Stainless ropes


Stainless steel wire ropes are often used to move all sorts of loads. Their scope of application is not limited to earthmoving, construction and lifting equipment. Such ropes made of steel are used most often in automobiles (towing rope), in machinery of mining and oil refining industries, as well as in water transport. Especially in demand stainless steel rope 12X18N10T (GOST 2172-80).

Percentage composition of 12X18N10T

C Cr Fe Mn Ni P S Si Ti
≤0,12 17-19 Osn. ≤2 9-10,5 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0,8 5-С-0,8


If we talk about the types of ropes, there is a huge variety and they are divided on a number of parameters. It is necessary to carefully study the marking, which carries information about the shape of the area of the cut, including the cross section of the elements themselves, about the mechanical and strength properties of the used wire rope, its coating. The marking also includes a parameter of the purpose of the rope. Before buying stainless steel ropes, it is important to check with the seller not only its price, but also the degree of twist, the material of the core, the direction of the rope and its components, as well as the method and accuracy of manufacture.

Specialty wireropes are responsible and quite complex types of wire products, which affects their price. Today, a huge number of designs of different types and shapes of cutting area are manufactured. Also, this product of rolled metal products differs in their physical, as well as mechanical properties, which depend on the wires and steel cores used. In addition, the purpose of the products are also different, for example, the metal wire rope is carrying, pulling, lifting, binding and reinforcing.

Ropes for special conditions TU 14-4-278-73 are widely used as structural elements of hoisting mechanisms and other kinds of machine-building and mining equipment. There are aviation ropes, towing ropes, lightning protection ropes and so on. Stainless ropes are widely used by nuclear power plants, also in demand are TPP ropes, made in accordance with TU 14-4-278-73.

The price of special ropes entirely depends on the purpose of operation of the metal rolling, which also depends on the properties of the materials used (wire). It is they determine the type and level of load that can withstand stainless steel wire ropes. In the manufacture of steel wire ropes use sophisticated manufacturing techniques, implying a high level of danger.


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