Manganin - CuMn12Ni - 2.1362 wire, circle, sheet, strip

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General Characteristics

Manganine contains copper, nickel and manganese. Can be alloyed with 2.5 - 3.5% cobalt with nickel (Co+Ni), 11.5-13.5% Mn. Copper is the base and its content is about 85%. Manganese grade MNMz3-12 is characterized by small thermal EMF in pair with copper, minimal thermal expansion coefficient and high electric resistance.

The main features

Thermal emf in pairing with copper (0.9-1 μV/°C. Manganin operates at a maximum temperature of up to +300°C. Unlike constantanine, manganine is sensitive to changes in humidity and is susceptible to corrosion in an atmosphere of ammonia and acid vapors. Manganine tends to change its resistance over time. This is caused by mechanical stresses created when the wire is wound, which subsequently leads to a change in the structure of the alloy and some rearrangement of the molecules.


Grade MNMCAZ 3-12-0,3-0,3 and MNMZ 3-12, produced in the form of wire, in accordance with GOST 492-2006 (nickel, nickel-copper, nickel alloys, machined under pressure). Alloy is subjected to heat treatment in vacuum to stabilize the electrical characteristics. This stabilizes all properties and increases the homogeneity of the structure. The maximum operating temperature for non-stabilized grades of alloy is 60-80°C, and stabilized +200°C.


Alloy is relevant in instrumentation for the manufacture of sensors, shunts, bridge circuits, model resistances. It also serves as a base for auxiliary devices of high precision (resistors), due to small resistance in the range of room temperatures. The alloy is used in production of magnetically hard (MMT) and magnetically soft (PMM) wires, Ø 0.02 - 6 mm, as well as ribbon with the width up to 270 mm and thickness up to 0.08 mm. We also produce enamel-encapsulated winding wires (PEVMT and PEVMT), as well as natural silk-encapsulated insulated wires (SMLI and SMLI) and enamel-encapsulated wires with one natural silk layer (SMLI and SMLI).


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