CrN77TUR pipe - EI437B

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Heat-resistant tube of ХН77ТЮР grade (the obsolete name ЭИ437) is manufactured according to GOST 5632-72. International analogues of the alloy are Incoloy, Inconel and Hastalloy. Seamless thick-walled tubes are rolled using the latest technologies, are designed for very high pressure, durable, can be used in food and chemical industry. Nickel in the composition of the alloy forms an oxide film on the surface, which protects the product from corrosion, easily restored if damaged.

Chemical composition:

Ni Cr Ti Al Fe Si Mn С Ce P B Pb S
70- 77,4 19-22 2,4-2,8 06-1,0 up to 1 up to 0.6 up to 0.4 0,07 0,02 0,015 0,01 0,01 0,007

Heat treatment

Tubes are hardened at 1090-1120 ° C, cooled in the air or in water. Aging takes place at 700-750°C for 12-16 hours. The weldability is limited. Preheating to 200 - 300°C with final annealing after welding is necessary to obtain a strong weld.

E 10- 5 a 10 6 Heat capacity Density
Grad MPa 1/Grad W/(m-grad) g/cm3
20 1.96 12,6 8,2
200 12.9 15.6 8,14
400 13,8 18.8 8,07
600 1.57 14.6 23,5 8
800 1,28 15.5 28.2 7,97


Prefabricated tube can be used for a long time at temperatures up to 750 ° C, is highly resistant to nitric, sulfuric acid, aggressive environments of industrial gases. It is resistant to hot condensate, reliable and durable, meet the most stringent sanitary requirements.


Such expensive metals as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, titanium in the composition of steel KhN75MBTU, affect its cost. But the high strength, reliability and durability of the pipe, the possibility of recycling the material - reduces the high cost in the long term investment.


Stainless thick-walled pipes are indispensable for transport of gases, liquids under high pressure. Thanks to corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity they can be used in the construction of thermal power plants for heat exchangers in conditions of extreme temperature differences. KhN77TYR pipes are in demand on ships, in chemical storage tanks. Aesthetic appeal, biological inertness, compliance with the requirements of SNIP make such pipes in demand in medicine and food industry. In construction with the help of stainless pipes solve the problem of water supply in private homes. Profile polished pipes are used by designers.


All the presented products of the alloy KhN77TYR are certified. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition, the limiting percentage of impurities; mechanical properties of the products. From us you can buy in bulk any semi-finished products for large-scale production. We also offer optimum conditions for retail buyers. The high level of service and responsiveness of service is the face of our company.

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