60C2A - 60mnsicr4 - 1.2826 wire, circle, rod

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Composition and properties

Structural spring steel 60C2A differs from its basic domestic analogue - steel 60C2 by more stringent tolerances on the percentage of all chemical elements, as follows:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Copper
Percentage content 0,58...0,63 1,6...2,0 0,6...0,9 Up to 0.25 Up to 0.3 0.3 Up to 0.2

The percentage of metallurgical impurities in steel 60S2A - phosphorus and sulfur is limited to 0.025% for each of these elements.

The nearest analogues of this steel are 60MnSiCr4, melted in accordance with DIN 17221 in Germany, and 1.2826, which is considered as tool steel in the USA. Whereas 60MnSiCr4 steel differs from the domestic 60C2A steel only in having higher chromium content of up to 0.4% and, conversely, lower manganese content of up to 1%, 1.2826 steel has more noticeable variations in its chemical composition (see table):

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Copper
Percentage content 0,58...0,65 0,8...1,0 0,8...1,2 - 0,20...0,40 -

The physical-mechanical characteristics of the steels under consideration after annealing should correspond to the following numerical values:

  • Ultimate tensile strength, MPa - 293;
  • ultimate ductility, MPa - 225;
  • Tensile strength, kJ/m2 - 22...23;
  • Relative elongation, % - 13;
  • Relative narrowing of cross-sectional area, % - 11;
  • Brinell hardness - 215 NV.

Application of .

The steels in the range of volumetric rolled products - rounds, wires, bars - are used in the manufacture of heavy-duty springs, torsion-type shafts, collets of machine tools , etc. The wire is used to produce spring rings, Grover washers and other products that require increased resistance to dynamic and shock loads.

Rolled 60C2A, 60MnSiCr4 and 1.2826 steels are used as billets for hot forging, after which the structural heterogeneity of the material is reduced. Subsequently, from the resulting semi-finished products are made irrelevant parts of cold stamping equipment.

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