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Evek GmbH offers to buy pipes, rounds, bars of low-alloy steel grades 16GAF, P460N, S420N. Advantageous price from the manufacturer, guaranteed fulfillment of the range of supply of products and its prompt transportation to the customer

Evek GmbH offers to buy low-alloy steel pipes, rounds and bars for welded structures in grades 16GAF, P460N, S420N. The supplier guarantees a favorable price from the rolled steel manufacturer, and also provides timely delivery of products to any location specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

16GAF low-alloy structural steel belongs to the group of corrosion-resistant steels. In CIS countries it is produced in accordance with GOST 19281 requirements. The chemical composition of 16GAF steel is as follows:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Vanadium Chrome Nickel
Percentage content 0,14...0,20 0,30...0,60 0,80...1,20 0,08...0,14 Up to 0.40 Up to 0,30

GOST allows the presence of bound nitrogen in the steel in an amount of 0.015...0.025%, and metallurgical impurities - sulfur (up to 0.04%) and phosphorus (up to 0.035%).

The closest foreign analogues of this steel are P460N and S420N grades. Their chemical composition does not vary much, but differs markedly from that of steel 16GAF, as indicated in the table below (data given for steel S420N):

Element Carbon Silicon Carbon, silicon Vanadium Chrome Nickel Molybdenum Copper Niobium Titanium
Steel content Up to 0.20 Up to 0.60 1,00...1,70 0,10...0,20 Up to 0.30 Up to 0.80 0.80 Up to 0.10 Up to 0.70 Up to 0.05 Up to 0.03

Aluminum (up to 0.02%), nitrogen (up to 0.025%), sulfur (up to 0.03%) and phosphorus (up to 0.035%) are also permitted. The total percentage of niobium and titanium for P460N steel may reach 0.22%.

Buy tubes, bars, rounds of low-alloy structural steel 16GAF, P460N, S420N offers the company Evek GmbH. The price of products - from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees delivery of the purchased rolled products to any location specified by the customer.

Properties and application

Described steel is used in the manufacture of railroad rolling stock, as well as load-bearing structures of machinery, which is operated under constantly changing temperature conditions and working loads. As a result of high corrosion resistance durability of the parts made of 16ГАФ, P460N, S420N steels is increased by 2...3 times. Weldability of steels is good. 16GAF steel is a substitute for more scarce 10ХСНД steel.

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Ultimate strength, MPa - 980;
  • yield strength, MPa - 200;
  • Relative elongation, % - 11;
  • Relative narrowing, % - 14;
  • Tensile strength, kJ/m2 - 340;
  • Brinell hardness, HB - 430.

The company Evek GmbH offers to buy pipes, bars, rounds of low-alloy structural steel grades 16GAF, P460N, S420N at producer price. Supplier guarantees adherence to the range of supply, as well as timely delivery of products to the address specified by the customer.