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Steel grade 07Х12НМБФ-sh (ЕИ609-W) belongs to the class of heat-resistant high alloy chromium-Nickel alloys. It consists of about 12% chromium, Nickel, molybdenum, niobium, vanadium, and hundredths of a percent of phosphorus and sulfur. Steel Raskulinecz at a temperature of 1170 degrees at the beginning of the process and about 850° C at the end. Pipe sections up to 350 mm cooled in air. They are made preferably of circular section, but under. ordering there is a possibility pipes with oval, square and rectangular cross-section.

Chemical composition 07Х12НМБФ GOST 5632−72

C Ni V Nb Mo Si Mn Cu SG S P Fe
≤0,07 4−6 ≤0,6 ≤0,2 ≤0,8 2−3 0,9−1,5 0,2−0,35 10,5−13 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 basis


The manufacture of parts of heat treatment furnaces, furnace conveyors, the manufacture of boxes for cementation. The advantages of this pipe make it profitable for consumers. The high cost kompensiruet long life. In addition, the material can be processed repeatedly, using as recyclable materials and to save on it.


Depending on the scope of the steel pipe are divided into six classes. The higher the grade, the higher the requirements for heat resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and, consequently, to the complexity of the alloy.

First class pipe is used for cable laying, fabrication of scaffolds for the construction of irrigation systems, water supply systems, heating. Second class pipe is used at elevated and reduced pressure, so they can be used for supplying water, gas, oil, petrochemical industry products. The third class of pipes used in high pressure systems, so they are often used in nuclear and chemical industries. Pipe brand 07Х12НМБФ-sh austenitic-ferritic alloy belongs to the third class.

The fourth class of tubes used for auxiliary and drill pipes exploration. Fifth grade is a steel pipe used for machinery, overhead cranes, otvetstvennyj supports. The higher class of pipe is considered the sixth used in the manufacture of bearings, engineering, the creation of the pistons and other parts operating at high pressure.

The pipes vary in ratio of wall thickness to diameter. At a thickness of about 0.3−6 mm and Ø 5−250 mm pipe referred to as extremely thin-walled. Thin-walled tube has a thickness of 0,6−20 mm with the same diameter. Thick-walled pipe has a wall thickness of 1,6−24 mm and Ø 6−250 mm. Particularly thick-walled pipe is made with a wall thickness of 2−12 mm, Ø 6−70 mm.


Products stock Ø up to 9 mm, supplied in rods, but more than 9 mm — cuts. Pipe and circle can be dimensional, random length and length is a multiple dimensional. Quality steel 07Х12НМБФ-sh allows us to deliver products with a length of 1−6 meters, due to the fact that this steel is heavily alloyed. The lower the quality of the steel, the more the minimum length.

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