Beryllium grades, chemical composition

Beryllium is an element of the second period of the D.I. Mendeleev system of chemical elements, atomic number 4, designated as Be. It is a strong and light metal that is used in the production of parts of satellites and space rockets. In powder form it is very toxic, but in the form of large fragments it is relatively harmless. Beryllium oxide, similar to ordinary ceramics, poorly conducts heat and electricity, and is used as an electrical insulator.

Atomic number of Be Atomic (molar) mass g/mol Oxidation state Density [g/cm3] Melting point t°C Boiling point t ° C Melting point kJ/kg
№ 4 9 1,2 1,848 1282°С 2970°С 12,21

Chemical properties

This element is chemically more similar not to magnesium, with which it is in the same group and has the same valence +2, but to aluminum. Metallic beryllium is little active at room temperature, does not oxidize to t° 600 °C and does not react in compact form with hydrogen, water vapor and water even at red hot. As a powder, it ignites easily to form nitride and oxide. Beryllium reacts with halogens at temperatures above 600 ° C, with ammonia - at t °> 1200 ° C, forming a nitride Be3 N2, but with carbon at t ° 1700 ° C gives carbide Be 2 C. This metal is readily soluble in dilute inorganic acids, but concentrated cold nitric acid passivates it. It displaces hydrogen from aqueous alkali solutions and turns itself into a hydroxide.

Area of application

Beryllium is widely used in nuclear energy, X-ray and laser technologies, in alloy alloying, in mining, in the aerospace industry. It is indispensable in production of heat shields and guidance systems. Alloys based on it are both strong, light and resistant to high temperatures. Beryllium oxide is used for production of the most powerful explosive. Bronze alloy BrB2 (contains 2% Be) has high elasticity, strength and corrosion resistance. Alloy of copper with beryllium is a high-tech alloy, has excellent mechanical qualities and chemical resistance, which allows its use in industry and in artistic casting.


Beryllium bronzes are produced in accordance with GOST 18 175-78 and special technical conditions (TU). Bronze and beryllium bronze circle is produced by rolling, casting, pressing, drawing and forging in accordance with GOST 24 301-93 Bronze and beryllium hexagonal cross-section, in accordance with GOST 1628-78. Beryllium bronze surpasses tin bronze in its mechanical properties, they are often used in work in explosive environments, as they do not spark when hitting another metal. Beryllium bronze is used to produce sheets, rods and wires. The State Standard GOST 1789-79 regulates bands and strips; GOST 15 835-70 regulates rods; State Standard GOST 15 835-70 regulates cylindrical workpieces and plates of BrBNT - TU 48-21-92-89; Strips and bars of the alloy Be - Co - Cu MKB -0,5 - 2,5TU 48-21-5049-74. TU 48-21-265-87; BrBNT1.9, BrB2.

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