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Buy AISI 430 °F (1.4105) steel pipe, wire, round at an attractive price from Evek GmbH in a cost-effective and economical way. Evek GmbH company makes operative delivery of the goods to all countries and continents. Orders of all sizes and cross-sections are available. Composition and properties

AISI 430 °F (1.4105) corrosion-resistant ferrite steel is a low carbon steel, which includes increased amount of manganese and silicon. As a result, the steel acquires high-temperature strength, which is maintained when parts made of this steel are used in aggressive liquid or gaseous working environments, which may include acids, chemically active gas vapors and gaseous oxides. High corrosion resistance of products made of this steel is maintained within the allowable limits up to 9000 C.

The chemical composition of bars, tubular products and wire is represented by the following alloying elements:

Component Fe Cr Cr Si Mo
Content, % 79,0...83,5 17...18 Up to 1.3 Up to 1.0 Up to 0,4

In addition, during melting the chemical composition of steel also appears impurities: sulfur in amounts not exceeding 0.25...0.35%, and phosphorus (not exceeding 0.06%). Upon agreement with the customer, molybdenum may not be present in the steel composition, but a similar percentage of nickel may be introduced.

Circle, bar and wire of AISI 430 °F (1.4105) steel after rolling have the following physical and mechanical properties:

  • Density - 7.7 g/cm3;
  • Young's modulus - 220 GPa;
  • Electric resistance - 6x10-10 Ohmm;
  • Relative elongation at tension - 23%;
  • Specific heat capacity, 460 J/kgK;
  • Coefficient of thermal diffusion - 7,1m2/s.

Comparing this steel with its nearest international analogue - stainless steel S20621, it should be noted that steel AISI 430 °F (1.4105) has a slightly reduced ductility, which is explained by the presence of significant amounts of manganese in chemical composition. At the same time low thermal conductivity allows volumetric products to better resist occasional temperature drops.

Application of

Rolled sheets of AISI 430 °F (1.4105) steel have high machinability rates. In particular, hot forging of rod billets can be achieved by forgings of complex configuration, and machining on metal-cutting machines is possible with the use of carbide tools. Parts and billets made of this steel are well welded, and the tightness of the finished seam is almost as good as solid metal.

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled tubes, bars and wires are used in the manufacture of pipe fittings for pumping liquids and gases. The increased sulphur content slows down the intensity of high-temperature oxidation.

As the nearest analogue of steel AISI 430 °F (1.4105), domestic metallurgical industry produces stainless steel 08X18H10, which, however, has a higher percentage of nickel (up to 10%).

AISI 430 °F (1.4105) tubes, wires and round bars are economically attractive for investors, which is why Evek GmbH is offering them. At the supplier's price customers are offered bulk rolled products, each batch of which is accompanied by a certificate of quality.