Ytterbium marks, chemical composition

General Characteristics

Ytterbium is an element of Group III, sixth period of the table of chemical elements, where it is designated by the symbol Yb. Its atomic number is 70. It is a light gray metal, belongs to the yttrium subgroup of rare earth metals Up to t ° 792 °C it has a cubic α-lattice similar to copper, but at higher temperature it acquires β-volume-centric lattice similar to α-Fe. Its content in the lithosphere is 0.33 g/t. Hydrothermal minerals and granite pegmatites are the richest in ytterbium. The main methods of obtaining this element are reduction of oxide Yb2 O3 by carbon or lanthanum in vacuum or by electrolysis of molten YbCl3 chloride.

Atomic number of Eu Atomic (molar) mass g/mol Oxidation state Density [g/cm3] Melting point t°C Boiling point t°C Melting point kJ/kg
№ 70 173 2, 3 7 824°С 1193°С 3,25


This element has found its place in electronics, nuclear energy, in the production of thermoelectric materials. Ytterbium ions generate laser infrared radiation with wavelength up to 1070 nm. Yb2 O3 oxide is used in production of high-power fiber lasers. Monocrystalline alloy of barium fluoride and ytterbium YbF3 alloyed with holmium is also used in the manufacture of lasers. Ytterbium is widely used in the production of magnetic alloys. Ytterbium borate is used to make special glasses and enamels needed in the nuclear power industry. In electronics, it serves as a dielectric for producing TIR structures. During neutron irradiation, ytterbium is converted in a nuclear reactor into a hafnium isomer, which can also be used as an energy accumulator, but these developments are still at a theoretical stage. Ytterbium serves as a gas absorber in electrovacuum devices. It is used to make luminophores (crystallophosphors). Special alloys are alloyed with it. This rare-earth element is a nonferrous metal, available in rounds, wires, and sheets.


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