Aluminum tape

International Equivalent

Mark Analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
AMC 3003 3.0517 AlMn1Cu Delivery from the stock, in stock
AD0 1011 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AD1 1013 Al99.3 Delivery from the stock, in stock
D1 1110 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK4 2618 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK6 2117 AlCuMg0.5 Delivery from the stock, in stock
AK8 2014 3.1255 AlCu4SiMg Delivery from the stock, in stock

"It's not enough to invent something, you also need someone to appreciate the invention. Nikola Tesla.


Aluminum tape has a solid rectangular profile of no thicker than 3 mm. Its qualities are determined by the percentage composition of the production method, the state of the material. Tape is made of aluminum and its alloys according to GOST 13 726-97 from aluminum brand ADO, AD1, ADOO, AD (chemical composition GOST 4784-74). Composition of aluminum tapes of АO, А5, А6, А7 grades is normalized according to GOST 11 069-74. Composition of aluminum tapes AB, B95, D1, D16, MM, D12, AMts, AMtsS, AMg2, AMgZ, AMg5, AMgb, 1105 1915 rated GOST 4784-74. Composition of aluminum strip VD1, V95-1 grade is normalized according to GOST 1131-76. Composition control is normalized in GOST 24 231-80. Accuracy of production is normal with asymmetrical or symmetrical thickness deviations, quality of surface finish is standard. Tape can be both special and general purpose. The most commonly used grades are А5, АД1 and its alloys VD1, АМц, 1105.

Aluminum strip A5H (food grade), A5M

Thickness, mm Width Price
From 0,5 to 1 1000-1200 mm contractual

Aluminium band AD1H

Thickness, mm Width Price
From 0,5 to 1 1000-1200 mm contractual

VD1AN2, VD1AM aluminum strip

Thickness, mm Width Price
From 0,5 to 1 1000-1200 mm contractual

Aluminum tape 1105AN2, 1105AM

Thickness, mm Width Price
From 0,5 to 1 1000-1200 mm contractual

Aluminium tape AMZH2

Thickness, mm Width Price
From 0,5 to 1 1000-1200 mm negotiated


Regardless of thickness, aluminum tape: has high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance. It is non-magnetic (in contrast to steel tape). Have bactericidal properties, biological inertness, meets the most stringent sanitary standards. It is very flexible. Such tape can be easily cut, drilled, stamped, etc. It is electrically conductive, aesthetically attractive and can withstand considerable static stress.


Aluminum is a valuable technical metal. Without aluminum tape today it is impossible to imagine the electrical engineering, manufacturing of stamped parts of the most complex cross section, lightweight enclosures, building profiles. Food and cosmetic products are packed in the thinnest aluminum tape - foil. Thicker aluminum tape can also be used in the food industry, it serves as the basis for lids for jars. During the installation of aluminum tape is relevant: for joining the joints of panels, as an additional protection against contamination, to seal the joints of pipes and refrigeration equipment, food containers and engineering systems.


According to the method of manufacture:

- unplated tape;

- clad tape:

o, A - with normal cladding .

o B - with technological cladding;

According to the accuracy of manufacturing thickness:

- with symmetrical deviations in thickness;

- With asymmetrical thickness deviations:

o ordinary accuracy;

o П. - increased accuracy

Identification Description
M annealed
Н annealed
Н1 ¼ annealed
Н2 ½ tarnished
Н3 ¾ tinned
А plain plating
Б technical cladding
П enhanced finish

A layer of adhesive is applied to the aluminum self-adhesive tape. It is used for fixing and sealing of flexible ducts. For high-quality connection the tape is applied on a cleaned and degreased surface. The tape is made either by rolling of necessary width, or by longitudinal cutting of tapes with width more than 1000 mm.

Name GOST Mark Size
Aluminium tape 13 726-97 1105AM, 1105AN, 1561BM, 1561B, A0M, A0H2P, A5, A5M, A5N, A5H2P, A7m, AD0M, AD0N, AD1Mp, AD1M, AD1N, AD1N2, AK4-1, ADM, ADN, ADN2, AMg2M, AMg2H, AMg2N2, AMg2NR, AMg3, AMg3M, AMg3N2, AMg5, AMg5BM, AMg6, AMg6B, AMg6BM, АМг6М, АМц, АМцМ, АМцН, АМцН2, ВД1АТ, Д16АМ, Д16АТ, Д16чАТ, Д16чАТ, Д19А, Д19АМ, Д19АТ, Д19чАТ, Д19чАТ, Д1АТ, Д1Т 0,25-5,0x40-2000


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