17g1su - St52-3 - s355j0 - 18g2a pipe, circle, bar

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Evek GmbH offers to buy pipes, rounds and bars made of low-alloy steel grades 17G1SU, St52-3, S355J0, 18g2a. The supplier guarantees a cost-effective price for products from its manufacturer, also provides timely delivery of rolled products to the desired address.

Chemical composition

Steel 17G1SU comes under TU 14-1-1950 - 2004 and is a silicon-manganese structural steel with more stringent tolerances for chemical composition. This is illustrated in the following table:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel, chromium, copper Niobium Vanadium Nitrogen
Steel content, % Up to 0.20 Up to 0.60 Up to 1.55 Up to 0.60 Up to 1.55 Up to 0.07 Up to 0.10 Up to 0.025

TU 14-1-1950 - 2004 also limits the percentage of non-metallic impurities in steel - sulfur and phosphorus, which amount can not be above 0,02% for sulfur and 0,025% - phosphorus.

The nearest foreign analogues of this steel do not exist. The steel St52-3 produced in Germany (standard DIN 17100), S355J0 steel produced according to the European Union norms (standard EN 10025-2) and 18g2a steel produced in Poland according to the national standard PNH 84018 have similar physical and mechanical properties and composition. Chemical composition of the latter is shown in the table:

Element Carbon Silicon Carbon, silicon Nickel, chromium, copper Arsenic
Steel content, % Up to 0.20 0,20...0,55 1,0...1,5 Up to 0.3 Up to 0.08

Steel grade 18g2a is also characterized by less stringent tolerances for sulfur and phosphorus, which cannot exceed 0.04%.

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy a round, bars, tubes of structural low-alloy steel grades 17G1SU, St52-3, S355J0, 18g2a. Supplier guarantees an attractive price of products from the manufacturer, it is delivered to the location specified by the customer.

Properties and application

The steels under consideration are designed for the production of electric-welded pipes, as they have high weldability indexes. Steels can be subjected to heat treatment such as normalization, annealing, tempering. From 1250...13000 С temperature the hot bulk forging of blanks with large degrees of deformation is possible. Taking into account the increased corrosion resistance, it is reasonable to use these steels in construction of main oil and gas pipelines.

The main physical and mechanical properties:

  • Ultimate strength, MPa - 510...650;
  • ultimate ductility, MPa - 365...490;
  • Relative elongation, % - 22...23;

Company Evek GmbH offers volume rolled products - rounds, bars and tubes of silicon-manganese steels of advanced quality of 17G1SU, St52-3, S355J0, 18g2a grades. The supplier guarantees the price from the manufacturer, as well as timely delivery of rolled steel to the address set by the customer.