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Evek GmbH offers wire, rounds, bars made of steels 60 G, C80e, (1.5026) at manufacturer's prices. Strict adherence to contract terms and timely delivery of products to the location specified by the customer is guaranteed.

Composition and properties

Structural spring steel grade 60 G is produced according to GOST 14959 and has the following chemical composition:

Chemical element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Copper Iron
Percentage content in steel 0,57...0,65 0,17...0,37 0,7...1,0 Not more than 0.25 Not higher than 0.25 not higher than 0.20 The rest

The metallurgical impurities in this steel are sulfur and phosphorus (up to 0.035%). The nearest foreign equivalents are steel 1060 in the USA and steel C60e according to EN 10601 in the European Union. There are other analogues with compositions approximately identical to the following:

Chemical element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Molybdenum Iron
Percentage content in steel 0,57...0,65 Up to 0.40 0,60...0,90 Not higher than 0.40 Not higher than 0.40 Not over 0.10 The rest

The percentage of sulfur and phosphorus in foreign analogues of 60 G steel is not more than 0,045%.

During heat treatment, the steel undergoes an austenitic transformation (in the temperature range 726...7650 C). It is little sensitive to the formation of flocs during hot rolling, but it is prone to temper embrittlement if the cooling regime is violated.

The main physical and mechanical parameters of the material are:

  • tensile strength is 1180 MPa (in annealed state), 680...740 MPa - in annealed state;
  • Ultimate ductility - 785 MPa;
  • Relative elongation - 12...15% (for annealed rolled products);
  • Brinell hardness - 240 ... 280 NV.


High-carbon structural steel grades 60G, C80e (1.5026) are used for the production of round springs, spring rings and washers and other similar parts, which require high elasticity and resistance to wear. In the materials handling industry, these steels are used to produce brake drums, bushings, brackets and similar parts. After hot forging, they are subject to heat treatment - quenching (at 8300 C in oil) or normalization.

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