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Magnetically soft alloy of 27KH grade has according to GOST 19 693-74 coercive power of induction up to 4 kA/m. Such magnetically soft materials have high value of magnetic initial permeability, can be magnetized to saturation by weak fields.


Precision instrumentation, innovative technologies, manufacturing of precision electronic sensors, household appliances, laser optics, measuring metrology equipment, computer memory components, microphone cores, magnetic antennas. Mark 27KX is used for magnetic cores of magnetic alternating field in radiotechnical and electrical devices.


Magnetically soft materials are produced from low-carbon steels based on ferromagnetic iron of special purity, electrotechnical low-coercive alloys on iron or iron-nickel base, powder and composite ferromagnetics. These alloys are melted in special induction furnaces and then the ingots are forged or rolled.

Percentage composition (GOST 10 994 - 74)

Mn Si C Ni Cr P S Co
0.2 - 0.4 up to 0.25 up to 0.04 up to 0.3 0.3 - 0.6 up to 0.015 up to 0.015 26.5 - 28

Mechanical properties of 27KX alloy at 20oC.

The assortment Range. Size d5 sT s in KCU y y Heat treatment.
Tape, GOST 10 160-75 20 295 590
- - mm % MPa MPa kJ/m2 % % -
Nailed tape, GOST 10 160-75 2 1080

Physical properties of alloy grade 27KX .

T a 10 6 E 10- 5 l C r R 10 9
Grad 1/Grad MPa W/(m-grad) J/(kg-grad) kg/m3 Oh-m-m
100 10.7
20 2.2 7980 200


Physical properties of the alloy:

Description Designation
- Alloy data acquisition temperature [Grad] - T
- Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] - E
- Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (at 20°C), [1/Grad] -a
- Specific electrical resistance [Ohm-m] -R -R
- Specific gravity [g/cm3] -r -r
- Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m-grad)] -l -l
- Specific heat capacity (at 20°C), [J/(kg-grad) -C

Mechanical properties:

Description Designation
- Ultimate yield strength (yield strength for permanent deformation) [MPa] sT
- Tensile strength [MPa] sT
- Ratio constriction [ % ] y
- Tensile elongation [ % ] d5
- Brinell hardness, in [MPa] HB
- Impact toughness [ kJ/m2 ] KCU

Magnetic properties :

Description Designation
- Coercive force (within) [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than) [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50
- Magnetic induction Tl (not less) at magnetic field strength 100, in magnetic fields [ A/m] B100
- Coercive force (not less), [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than), [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50


Designation Description
Limited weldable - Must be preheated to 100-120°C with subsequent heat treatment
no restrictions - No need for preheating and final heat treatment
Difficult to weld - Preheating to 200-300°C with final heat treatment necessary


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