11KhF - 115CrV3 - 1.2210 circle, rod, sheet, strip

International Equivalent

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Buy a rod, circle, sheet or strip made of tool steel grades 11KhF, 115CrV3 (1.2210) offers the company Evek GmbH. The price is from the manufacturer. The customer ensures the strict adherence to the range of supply of rolled products, provides prompt delivery of products to the customer.

Chemical composition

Alloy tool steel 11ХФ is produced in CIS countries according to requirements of GOST 5950. The chemical composition of steel is as follows:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Vanadium
Percentage content in steel, % 1,05...1,15 0,15...0,35 0,40...0,70 0,40...0,70 0,15...0,30

GOST 5950 allows the presence in the steel non-metallic impurities - sulfur and phosphorus - content not more than 0,030% for each of the elements.

The European analogue of 11KhF steel is steel grade 115CrV3 (1.2210). It is produced in accordance with LH 804 or AISI L2 specifications. The chemical composition of steel corresponds to the following indicators:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Vanadium
Percentage in steel, % Up to 1.17 Up to 0.23 Up to 0.30 Up to 0.65 Up to 0.10

Evek GmbH offers to buy bars, rounds, sheets or strips of tool steel 11ХФ, 115СrV3 (1.2210) at advantageous prices from the manufacturer. Supplier guarantees adherence to the product range and prompt delivery of products to the address specified by the customer.

Properties and application

Tool alloy steels 11KhF and 115CrV3 (1.2210) are used for cutting and measuring tools of small dimensions because they are not deeply hardenable. The corrosion resistance of steels is reduced. The hardness of steels after hardening is in the range 58...60 NRC, after annealing - in the range 225...230 N. B. The other physical and mechanical characteristics of the steels in question are as follows:

  • Modulus of elasticity/Yung, GPa - 210;
  • Coefficient of linear expansion at temperatures up to1000 C - 11.8x10-6 C-1;
  • Thermal conductivity, W/mK - 35;
  • The recommended forging temperature, 0 C - 850 ... 1050.

Buy at competitive prices from the manufacturer a variety of rolled products - bars, rounds, sheets, strips - which are made of tool alloy steels grades 11KhF and 115SrV3 (1.2210) offers the company Evek GmbH. Delivery is made in strict compliance with the geometric dimensions of the ordered sections. The supplier guarantees prompt delivery of the products to the point designated by the customer.