65S2VA - 65Si7 - 1.5028 wire, circle, rod

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Composition and properties

Steel 65S2VA, produced according to GOST 14979 specifications, is a high-carbon quality spring steel containing high amount of tungsten. Steel composition is given in the table:

Alloying element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Tungsten Copper
Percentage content in the material 0,61...0,69 1,50...2,00 0,70...1,00 Up to 0.25 Up to 0.30 0,80...1,20 Up to 0.20

The composition of this steel also includes sulfur and phosphorus, which are metallurgical impurities. Their amount in steel should not exceed 0.025% for each element.

The closest European analogue of steel 65S2VA is high-carbon steel 65Si7. In its chemical composition has no more than 0.7% of silicon, there are traces of copper, tungsten is not provided.

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Steel 65S2VA, 65Si7 can be subjected to various types of heat treatment, not prone to display temper embrittlement, as well as the formation of flokens during plastic deformation. The weldability of steels is unsatisfactory.

Basic physical and mechanical properties:

  • Tensile strength, MPa -1860;
  • Ultimate ductility, MPa - 1665;
  • Relative elongation, % - 5;
  • Relative narrowing of cross-section, % - 19;
  • Brinell hardness after annealing HB, not more than 265.


Steels 65S2VA, 65Si7 of improved quality are used for the production of springs and spring washers in the medium loaded structures. Large helical compression springs are also produced from these steels. Hot forged blanks are used for subsequent machining, which ensures a fine-grained macrostructure.

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