VT6 - grade 5 medical titanium tube

International Equivalent

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Characteristics of the alloy

Titanium alloys BT6, BT6S belong to α+β-alloys. Titanium is produced according to GOST 19 807-74 and OST 90 013-81. VT6 is alloyed with 6% Al and 4.5% V, whereas BT6C is alloyed with 5% Al and 4% V. Aluminum hardens α+β phase, and vanadium stabilizes β-phase and hinders the formation of alpha-2 superstructure in α-phase. The annealed state contains 10% of the β-phase. Quenching and aging increase the strength by about 15 - 20% while maintaining a fairly high ductility. Casting variant of VT6L.

Chemical composition of VT6S GOST 19 807- 91

H N C Si O Zr Fe V Al Ti Other
0,015 0,04 0,1 0,15 0,15 0,3 0,25 3,5 - 4,5 5,3 - 6,5 87,86 - 90,9 up to 0,3%

Specific gravity of the alloy is 4.456. Weldable by all types of welding. It is used for the manufacture of semi-finished products: wire, rod, sheet, strip, plate.

Chemical composition of BT6 GOST 19 807- - 91

H N C Si O Zr Fe V Al Ti Other
0,015 0,05 0,1 0,1 0,2 0,3 0,6 3,5 - 5,3 5,3 - 6,8 86,45 - 90,9 up to 0.3%


BT6 alloy is used in annealed and heat hardened condition. The annealed alloy contains about 10% β-phase. It is highly technical in pressure processing, a variant with a reduced percentage of impurities (BT6kt) is used at cryogenic temperatures down to -196 ° C.

Spec. t° melting point. Properties Technology Application
4.43 g/cm³ 970-1010° Combines strength, high processability and service properties. In annealed condition it is an alloy of medium strength. The maximum working temperature is +350°. It has high workability in pressure treatment, good casting properties and is easily welded by all kinds of welding. Parts of aircraft engines (stopper, RDC housing), rocket parts, parts of fasteners, chemical engineering, parts of household appliances, sports equipment, parts of structural elements operating in water, surgical implants.

Punch-welded parts are made of HTS titanium alloy, continuously operating at up to +450°C; they are used in supersonic aircraft structures for making beams, brackets and similar power parts.

Advantages and production of titanium tubes VT6, VT6s

Semifinished product Heat treatment Strength (MPa) Plasticity δ% KCU J/cm³
Heat pressed BT6 pipe Annealed Over 800 Over 6% Over 40
VT6C tube 800 °C 0.5 h - 500 °C 0.5 h 880 11% 67
VT6C tube 850 °C 1 h - 750 °C 0.5 h 870 14% 68
VT6C tube 750 °C 1 h, OV 870 11% 66
VT6c pipe Hot pressed state 870 7% 66
VT6c hemisphere, high-speed deformation 750 °C annealing 1 h 1205 - 1245 9 - 11% ---

Application of titanium tubes VT6, VT6c

High strength combined with manufacturability, good weldability allows the wide use of such tubes in mechanical engineering, marine engineering, aviation, missile engineering, chemical production and oil and gas industry.


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