Tin-lead bronze

Technical characteristics

Lead bronze is softer, and its run-in properties improve with increased lead content. This bronze has a good diffusion connection to the steel liner; it is also very resistant to shock loads.

BrOS 8 - 12

BrOS 8 - 12 tin-lead bronze, with a hardness of HB 65 - 75, is more wear-resistant than babbitt. Composition of bronze rings designed for load of 70 MN/m2 is as follows: 7 8 - 8% Pb; 14 5 - 15% Sn; 0 3 - 0 35% Ni; 1 2 - 1 3% Sb; the rest Si. The last sealing element and the pre-salt element are cast from babbitt.


Such bronze is extremely prone to gravitational liquation, which requires special casting measures such as dispersion, accelerated cooling of the


Soldering fluxes are used in tin bronzes. In this case the soldering joints need to be fluxed more thoroughly, because the lead oxide formed on the surface prevents the solder from flowing into the gap.


Grommets and gaskets in heavy-duty machinery.

Coefficient of friction with grease : Non-lubricated coefficient of friction :
0.011 0.33

Cold working

Turning, milling, grinding, drilling.


Stored in covered or roofed warehouses with adequate protection against mechanical and other types of damage.


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