Tape titanium

International Equivalent

Mark Analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
VT1-0 3.7035 R50400 Delivery from the stock, in stock
VT1-00 3.7025 R50250 Delivery from the stock, in stock

Perfect does not require evidence — was seen Voltaire. Titanium is a harmonious combination of rare qualities that make it desirable in many spheres of human activity.

Advantages of titanium ribbons

Her strength is like the strength of Damascus steel, while it is much easier for many structural metals, resistant to corrosion and corrosive environments, easily forged and stamped. It maintains its properties over a wide temperature range from cryogenic -250 ° C to t ° red-hot steel. The exceptional strength to weight ratio, durability, heat resistance and a high creep strength — made it an indispensable material on the leading edge of modern science and technology. From the combination of the advantages of titanium tape significantly superior to other materials. It is non-magnetic, biologically inert, wear during its operation the most insignificant. No wonder titanium dubbed «eternal» metal.

Titanium tape OST Rm ψ δ5
VT1−00 90027 295 20−30  
VT1−0 90027 375 20−30  

Rm — Tensile strength [MPa]

A5, — Elongation at break [%]

ip — Reduction [%]


These include the high cost. Titan, because of their exceptional qualities, requires a lot of effort to produce. In fact, he was so named for the titanic labor intensity obtaining it in a pure form from the ore. But, despite the high price, this metal is increasingly demanded by modern industry every year.


Due to the biological inertness titanium strip became literally irreplaceable in medicine for the production of prostheses and surgical instruments. Without it is impossible to do in the production of modern transport: ships, vehicles, aircraft and jet aircraft. Without titanium ribbons in the XXI century it is difficult to imagine the defense industry and electronics, oil and gas and chemical industry, modern design. Increasingly, it is used in interior decoration and building facades. Despite the price, its use is economically justified, strength, lightness and durability of products.


Tape marks produced from titanium VT1−00, BT1−0, OT4−0 from 0.1 to 1 mm and a width of 40−290 mm. Chem. It standardizes the composition of GOST 19 807−91. Its surface soglasnoGOST 90 027 can be etched and heat treated, Types and marking of titanium ribbons normalizes GOST 90027.

Name Standard mark Sawing
Titanium tape OST1.90 027 VT1−0, VT1−00, OT4−0 0,1−0,45x20−220


Titanium tape stored in covered warehouses or under a canopy, which provide adequate protection against mechanical and other kinds of damage.


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