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HN35VT Steel is a high-alloy heat-resistant carbon alloy. It belongs to the category of structural steels, ie steels, materials for employees of the manufacture of parts of different mechanisms, building constructions, working in quite difficult conditions, aggressive.


Alloy HN35VT inherently contains — a solid 35% th solution of nickel. Balance is iron (38−47%) and Cr (14−16%). The qualities of the material depends on the dopants. The composition includes silicon (0.6%), tungsten (2.3−3.5%), copper (up to 0.25%), molybdenum (0.3%), manganese (1.2%) titanium (1.1−1.5%), phosphorus and sulfur in thousandths. Mild steel HN35VT containing 0.12% C can be exposed to cementation — enrichment of carbon to improve durability and hardness.

Chemical composition:

Alloy Ni Cr W Ti Mn Si Mo Cu P S Fe
HN35VT 34−38 14−16 2.3−3.5 1.1−1.5 1.0−2.0 0.6 0.3 0.25 to 0.03 to 0.02 the balance


Temperature semi pull the shoes produced in the range 1170 — 850 ° C. Finished products long steel wire, round, rod HN35VT cooled in air. This alloy — difficult to weld. For more fortress seam requires preheating to 200−300 ° C with a final heat treatment — annealing.


Details high plants petrochemical industry and mechanical engineering. Produce discs, fasteners, flat springs, which are able to work at t ° to 650 ° C. Limited service life of products is possible at t ° 850−900 ° C, above which the process of the active scaling begins. The wire is used for welding steel, the range is used in the textile, metallurgical and chemical industries. One type is a circle rod, which has a smaller cross section and fixed length. Wire, round, bars can be used in the construction of small objects, decoration, decorating the areas of private houses. From wire mesh is made different, reinforcement and protection.


All submitted articles HN35VT brand certified. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition, limiting the percentage of impurities; mechanical properties of products. We can buy in bulk, any semi-finished products for large-scale productions. We also offer optimal conditions for retail customers. High level of service and efficiency of service are the face of our company.

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