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Technical data

Stainless high-temperature low-alloy steel of ferrite class X10CrAlSi13. The base of the alloy is iron: its share is about 83%. The composition is alloyed with chromium, manganese, aluminum. Impurities do not exceed 0.3%. Specific weight is 7.7 g/cm3. It is used in the production of pipes, pipe fittings, parts of boiler installations, working at t ° up to 850 ° C; Service life over 10000 hours. The temperature of intensive scale formation is above 900 °C.

EN 10095-1999percentage composition

Fe C Si Mn P S Cr Al Impurities
base ≤0.12 0.7 - 1.4 ≤1 ≤0.04 ≤0.015 12 - 14 0.7 - 1.2 ≤0.3

Mechanical Properties

sT - ultimate strength 450-650 MPa

sT - limit of proportionality (yield stress for permanent deformation) 250 MPa

d5 - Tensile elongation at break 13-15%.

HB - Brinell hardness 192 MPa


European Union China Poland GOST France
X10CrAlSi13 OCr13Al H13JS 10KH13SYU Z13C13

Alloying has a multifaceted effect on steel quality. Chromium increases hardness and corrosion resistance. Manganese content above 1% increases hardness, impact strength, wear resistance. Aluminum increases processability and prevents rusting.


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