Dural Corner

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D16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Delivery from the stock, in stock


GOST 8617-81 and GOST 22 233-2001 standardize the production of duralumin angle. The most commonly used alloy D16 (composition stipulated by GOST 4784-97). Chemical composition control - according to GOST 24 231-80. Cladding or anodic oxidation can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the material. According to the ratio of sides there are equal and not equal-shelved angles. Angles with flanges of different widths are relevant when creating fragments of complex shapes. According to the state of the material: angle bars hot-pressed or without heat treatment, as well as naturally aged and hardened. Dural pressed angle has a light gray even matte surface without defects or foreign inclusions. Supplies are made in bulk and retail.


Dural corners have low weight, high specific strength, easy processing, plastic, well spot-welded. Corrosion resistance increases after cladding with pure aluminum. Quenching and aging are used for hardening. Cold deformation makes the material harder. Annealing increases ductility and makes it easier to cut the material.

Application of

Due to high specific strength, dural corners are used in constructions of high-speed transport: trains, ships, transport aircraft, building structures. Such corners are topical in construction, machine-building and fuel energy industry.

Angle Duralumin D16

Side, mm Thickness of wall, mm Price, per kg
10x10 1,2 negotiated
45x45 2-3 negotiated


We supply certified duralumin angles of D16T, D16, D16B, D16AT, D16BT and D16CHT alloys and others. Technical documentation includes data on percentage composition and performance qualities of the product. From us it is easy to buy in bulk any semi-finished products for large-scale productions. We also cooperate with retail buyers. The high level of service and responsiveness of service is the face of our company.

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