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Composition and properties

Stainless steel AISI 441 (1.4509) is a ferritic steel with double stabilized properties and high weldability. Rolled tubular steel of this steel is produced with the following components of its chemical composition:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Titanium Niobium Chromium
Content % Up to 0.03 Up to 1.0 Up to 1.0 0,1...0,6 0,3...1,0 17,5...18,5

As unavoidable metallurgical impurities at the stage of melting of the initial billet, the steel also includes sulfur (in the amount up to 0.015%) and phosphorus (up to 0.04%).

The European analogue of the steel in question is X2CrTiNb18, which is produced in accordance with Euro standard UNS 43940. It differs from the considered steel by a slightly lower percentage of chromium (16...18%). Domestic standards do not provide for such steel grade.

A specific feature of AISI 441 (1.4509) steel is its high corrosion resistance, which is most active when significant mechanical loads are applied on the inner surface of the pipe. The amount of carbides in the final macrostructure is very small, and effectively binds with chromium, which increases the strength properties of the material.

The effect of alloying elements on the properties of rolled tubular steel is manifested in the following. Chromium provides resistance to pitting, which becomes particularly active at elevated temperatures. Titanium and niobium reduce the intergranular corrosion activity of the steel. The increased resistance to oxidation is maintained at temperatures up to 900...9,500 C. The steel is characterized by increased resistance to aggressive chemical environments, particularly halogens of alkali metals.

Steel AISI 441 (1.4509) has a good plasticity that allows spatial bending of pipes without heating, regardless of the difficulty of deformation. Due to their good weldability, pipes made of this steel can be connected both permanently and with flanges.


Pipes made of AISI 441 (1.4509) steel may be effectively used for repair, construction and preventive maintenance of pipelines, where chemically aggressive liquids and gases are pumped at elevated temperatures. In this case, it does not matter the acidic pH, the condition of the inner surface of the pipes, as well as the mode of their preheating treatment.

Due to the stabilization of the steel structure and properties, chromium carbides and chromium nitrides are formed in its surface layers, which are resistant to temperature influences. As a result, the strength of the surface layers increases, and the steel can actively resist corrosion-mechanical wear processes. This allows the installation of pipes made of this steel in powerful blowers, scrubbers and air cleaners of metallurgical devices.

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