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General Characteristics

Titanium alloy, BT16 (Ti - 3Al - 4,5V - 5Mo) was developed by VIAM in 1963 specially for attachment parts. Due to a rather large percentage of β-stabilizers it contains quite a lot of β-phase in the annealed state (35-40%). The annealed strength of the alloy is not very high (about 875 MPa). By hardening and aging it can be over 1400 MPa. The shear resistance after HTMO = 750 MPa.

Advantages and applications of VT16 titanium alloy

Specific weight melting point. Properties Technology Application
4.68 g/cm? 840-880° Features high shear strength, low sensitivity to stress concentrators. Withstands skewed loading well. Characterized by a large hardening and aging effect. Well deformed in hot and cold state. Bolt head upsetting is possible at room temperature for bolt diameters up to 12mm. The alloy is well welded by all kinds of welding. Fasteners and other threaded parts with diameter up to 40 mm, long term operation at temperatures up to 300 °C, (without limitation of service life up to 130 °C).

Characteristics of VT16 titanium tube

Semifinished product Heat treatment Strength (MPa) ductility ? KCU J/cm?
Heat pressed VT16 pipe annealed Over 760 Over 6% Over 50

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