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Steel brand ХН50МВКТЮР-ID (ЭП99-ID) is a heat-resistant stainless alloy. Used for parts of high temperature furnaces, working at t° 1100 °C in an atmosphere saturated with hydrocarbons and air. The disadvantage of this steel is the tendency to temper embrittlement. The terms used in the production of various types of fasteners, stainless metallic structures. Pipe — fittings gazootvodjashchego type.


Alloy ХН50МВКТЮР-ID contains: about 50% Nickel, of an additive of tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, aluminum, cerium, copper, carbon and phosphorus. The total percentage of alloying elements is not less than 10%. Nickel and chromium are the basis. The temperature at which ruskovaara products, is 1170 °C initially and about 850 °C at the end of the process. The tube was cooled in air. Circle produce hot-rolled way and by calibration, which is used to give products the exact specified diameter. If necessary, use the grinding reduces the roughness of the surface.


Profile pipe from this steel is used in the construction of industrial structures, and decorative caps. Among the customers of polished and brushed steel pipes — many of the advertising company. In addition, the mirror pipe is often used as details in the decorative designs, such as stainless steel ladder, of which also produce automotive exhaust pipe, used for laying electric cables. Products from this alloy are popular in the construction of private buildings, such as the installation of water supply systems. Pipe gasket also needs to use transitions and fittings in stainless steel, which you can order from the same manufacturer. In industry circles and pipes of this steel is designed to work at t° up to 1100 °C, while the welds must also meet the requirements of heat resistance and heat resistance.


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