Aluminum rolled products

Following the bronze and iron, aluminum also has the right to pretend to give a whole century his name. No wonder it is dubbed the winged metal. Modern civilization is impossible to imagine without aluminum with his exceptional qualities. The need for it today is second only to steel alloys.


This plastic and lightweight matte silver metal, relatively cheap, perfectly amenable to mechanical processing. At the very high conductivity of aluminum, and thanks to the surface oxide film, it is resistant to corrosion and the adverse effects of the environment, it is non-toxic, aesthetic — perhaps not the ideal material for interior design. Because of its quality, today it is one of the most popular metals. For a number of properties of aluminum than steel:

  • it is much lighter metal;
  • much more technological;
  • alloys of aluminum with silicon or magnesium, even stand in seawater


Chemically pure aluminum is less durable than other metals.


Due to its many advantages, aluminum wire, plate, sheet, foil, tape, reel, rod, round, profile, pipe, tire demand is very widely. The transport engineering Aluminium is indispensable, because it is very light and tech corrosion-resistant material. It is non-toxic, so in demand in the food industry. The construction and the domestic sphere, for example, in interior design — it is well-proven by its lightness, processability, low cost. In electrical engineering, he demanded of the high conductivity.

rolled aluminum

product name GOST Note
Aluminum and duralumin tube profile and round 18475, 18482, 192096, 23697. Alloys d1, d16, d16t, b65, and others.
Aluminium tape 13 726−97 aluminum A7, A6, A5, A0, AD0, AD1, AD00, blood pressure of MM alloys, D12, AMts, AMtsS, AMg2, AMg3, AMg5, AMg6, AB, D1, D16, D16T, and others.
The aluminum band with powder coated or anodized 22, 233−93 and 8617−81 alloys AD31, AD31T1, AD31T5 and others.
Aluminium Area 22 233−93 alloys AD31, AD31T1, AD31T5, D16, D16T (d16t) and others.
Aluminum channel 22 233−93 alloys AD31, AD31T, AD31T1, AD31T4, AD31T5.
Aluminium wires (7871−75 for cold heading
Aluminium wires 14 838−78 welding
Aluminium wires 7871−75 for high-voltage power lines
Aluminium rail 15 176−89 Rectangular extruded aluminum tires for the electrical industry
Aluminum, duralumin plate 17 232−99 normal or increased in thickness accuracy and various processing
Aluminium box 18475, 18482, 192096, 23697. of tubes of square or rectangular cross-section
Aluminum circle 21 488−97 anodized aluminum
Aluminum sheet 21 631−76 aluminum sheet, general purpose, corrugated sheets «Quintet», perforated and corrugated sheet
Aluminum profile 8617−81, 22 233−2001 aluminum alloys
Aluminum brands 22 233−93 aluminum profiles (beams) and one of the I-AD31 and 1915 alloys.


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