Aluminum tube

Advantages of

Among the advantages of aluminum tube should be noted excellent thermal conductivity, plasticity, resistance to the influence of soil and atmospheric moisture in a wide range of temperatures. Aluminum is easy to work and deform. Aluminum pipes meet the most stringent sanitary requirements, have a smooth surface and excellent flow capacity, in any communication systems. Plasticity and manufacturability of aluminum facilitates installation, cutting and joining of such pipes. Heat treatment increases their strength characteristics. Artificially aged and hardened pipe is marked T1, not completely artificially aged and hardened - T5.

Aluminum profile tube (boxing).

Rectangular profiled aluminum pipe AD31

Width (height), mm Wall thickness, mm Price, per p.m.
20x10 1,5 negotiated
30x15 (20) 1,5-2 - "-
40x20 (25) 1,5-3 - "-
50x20 (30) 2-3 - "-
60x25 (40) 2-3 - "-
80x20 (40, 50, 60) 2-4 - "-
100x40 4 - "-
150x40 2,5 - "-

Aluminium profile tube AD31 square

Width (height), mm Wall thickness, mm Price, per p.m.
12x12 1,2 negotiated
15x15-40x40 1,5-3 - "-
50x50-60x60 2-4 - "-
70x70 5 - "-
100x100 2-4 - "-

Aluminum round pipe

Production specifications: cold-deformed GOST 18 475-82; pressed GOST 18 482-79; straight-seam welded GOST 23 697-79. To calculate the theoretical linear density of 1 meter section transfer coefficient is equal to 0.950. The control of chemical composition is normalized according to GOST 24 231-80.

Aluminum pipe AD31

Diameter, mm Thickness of wall, mm Price, rub./p.m.
8-14 1 negotiated
16-28 1-2 - "-
30-45 2,5 - "-
38 10 - "-
50-100 2-3 - "-
95 10 - "-
125 4 - "-

Aluminum pipes are produced with a matte surface, are supplied in off-length pieces. The surface should be even, without cracks, sinks, and traces of contamination. Packaging, transportation and temporary protection are regulated by GOST 9.510-93.

Aluminum tubes production

Aluminum pipe GOST Grade of aluminum (alloy) Note
cold-deformed 18 475-82, OST 192 096-83 A0, AD0, AD1, A5, A5E, A6, A7, A8, A85, A95, A97, A99, A995 Nar. diameter 6 - 90 mm.
hot-pressed 18 482-79 aluminum alloys AD0, AD1, D1, D16, AD31, AMg6, B95, etc, nominal diameter 20 - 420 mm
welded longitudinal welded 23 697-79 AV, AK6, АМц, АМг2, АМг3 Nar. diameter 18 - 32 mm, wall 1,5 - 3 mm.
Aluminum tube 18 482-79, 23 697-79, 18 475-82 Д1, Д16, АМг2, АМг3, АМц, АДО, АД1, АД31, АВ, AK6 АМг6 6,0−105,0Х0,5−10,0Х3000−12 000-НД

Aluminum tubes are produced thin- and thick-walled according to the following GOST:

- 11 069 - for alloys A5, A6, A7.

- 1131-76 - for alloy BAD1.

- 4784-74 - for alloys АД00, АД0, АД1, АDS, АД, АМЦ, АМЦS, АМg2, АМgZ, АМg5, АМg60, АД31, АД35, АВ, D1, D16, AK6, B95, 1915, 1925, 1925C.

Annealed alloys are marked M, naturally or artificially aged are marked T or T1 accordingly. According to the shape of the cross-section pipes are distinguished:

o circular;

o round; o square;

o rectangular;

o Square; o Rectangular; o Sectional;

The use of

Due to their advantages, aluminum tubes are widely used in modern industry: in power engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacture of ships, aircraft, food and medical equipment. They are indispensable in climate-control systems. In engine construction - in the manufacture of gas tanks, radiators, pipelines for fuel and lubricants. Such pipes are required for installation of main pipelines, heating systems, gas pipelines, water pipelines and drainage networks.

Dural pipes

Duralumin, an aluminum alloy alloy alloyed with magnesium, manganese and copper, is the most sought-after of aluminum alloys. Compared to steel, aluminum and duralumin pipes are more durable, much lighter and cheaper. Dural not bad withstands fatigue loads, and additional heat treatment can significantly harden the material. The susceptibility to corrosion of dural pipes is eliminated by cladding with pure aluminum. Dural pipes are the basis of durable and lightweight frame structures.


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